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  1. Neither would I and it would mean Roman kept his word to Frank about giving him two full seasons at least, if that is true.
  2. Whether by fluke or not Arteta brought in players like Smith Rowe and Martinelli who ran through brick walls that game for the shirt. Whoever they are Lampard needs to find them and pick them, whether they are youngsters like Gilmour, tomori and Anjorin or more expierenced players that are not being used like Rudiger and Jorginho, I dont care. As Roy Keane pointed out the lack of working back, the jogging instead of sprinting is not acceptable. Nothing to do with systems and tactics when a players does not give his all. I am personally sick of seeing this as we have seen players sulk
  3. We have the personel to make 3 at the back work. The other system we would need to combatant midfielders such as Essien and Keane I feel.
  4. For Fulham I would like to see: Mendy James Zouma Silva Chilwell Gilmour Mount CHO Havertz Pulisic Werner
  5. Might be time for Gilmour and Havertz/Ziyech as a number 10.
  6. I hope we start to use him more, he could be the breath of fresh air we need. At the very least he cannot be worse than Kovacic.
  7. It was, but many were very happy before hand that we finally could play that front 3. For me I would like to see CHO start several games in a row, chance to show he is up to it if, and here is the big if, he can stay fit. Let Ziyech, Pulisic and Havertz rotate, the latter as a number 10 only in the 3 behind the striker
  8. Remember when we made fun of Wenger and his 4th place trophy? Yet so many are very disturbed at the thought of missing out for a year on being in Uefas pride and joy competition. Missing out on that does not matter for me in terms of Frank's future. I would like to see Frank get the full 3 years. If we are still like this and we dont improve with that time then fair enough, no new contract and he walks. For me I can give a club legend 18 more months after a good first season and for all he did for us before.
  9. Given the cracking save he made from the header in the second half, a strong hand, think Mendy will be a tad disappointed he did not save the first goal given he got a hand to it. Getting beat at his near post for the second was disappointing too. As for the third, we do get exposed a lot by leaving just Kante to be countered on his own from set plays. Never get why Kovacic or Jorginho, whoever plays, is not there with him. Not like either offers a goal threat.
  10. If the club decided to part with Lamps the obvious ones, as they are without clubs, are Allgeri and Tuchel. Would they be upgrades? Time would tell. All in all I actually find this situation quite fascinating and in a way am grateful for it. Here me out, Last month has not been fun. However this gives us a real insight in to what Roman is looking for moving forward. If he expected the investment to lead to quick success Lamps is dead in the water. If he is looking to build over the long term and realizes there will be bad periods to get through, and feels Frank like the you
  11. We are seeing the decline of a very good player I feel. Our midfield needs to be rebuilt. I still believe Havertz will have lots to offer as a number 10, we need the right 2 players to support him deeper. I dont think Kante is one of them anymore.
  12. We probably would have still lost but we will never know now. Had that been United VAR would have pulled the ref up as it was a clear and obvious error. Rodri missed the ball, tripped Timo, but no foul. The refs are so bent.
  13. Heard we should expect both young Bate and Lawrence to start. Ziger Lawrence Tomori Mbuyamba Emerson Bate Gilmour CHO Havertz Anjorin Werner Bench: Cech, Rudiger, Sterling, Mount, Mceachran, Abraham, Nunn. Give most of the first team squad the week to go away and think about if they actually want to be here.
  14. Not to be lost in all the negativity but our goal was quality, regardless of City not pressing thar much. The link from Chilwell to the goal was class.
  15. James is English, so is Tammy and CHO. Then there are no English players who are not white that we use. You accusing Frank in your not so subtle way of being a neo-natzi has not place on this forum and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  16. So if the Lamps out brigade get their wish he officially becomes the worst manager since roman bought the club, points wise...jeez.
  17. If Frank goes I fear for our young players chances. If the club are going to sack him it will be right away or at the end of the season imo. 2 weeks before our next league game, window open, ideal time for a new manager to bed in.
  18. American you say...clearly the leak is Bruce Buck lol
  19. Easy speculation to write lol Next up will be the links to Tuchel and Allegri
  20. Still worth saying, even in a game we clearly deserve to lose Anthony Taylor still shows his bias an denied us a clear pen.
  21. To be fair to Timo he was denied a clear pen.
  22. We have seen ot before, but when the vast majority of the players make it clear they dont want to give their all for the manager, as with today's performance, managers lose their jobs. I get the feeling it is what we have seen today and sadly expect Frank to be gone soon...
  23. It is because players are not showing anything for the manager.
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