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  1. Easy speculation to write lol Next up will be the links to Tuchel and Allegri
  2. Still worth saying, even in a game we clearly deserve to lose Anthony Taylor still shows his bias an denied us a clear pen.
  3. To be fair to Timo he was denied a clear pen.
  4. We have seen ot before, but when the vast majority of the players make it clear they dont want to give their all for the manager, as with today's performance, managers lose their jobs. I get the feeling it is what we have seen today and sadly expect Frank to be gone soon...
  5. It is because players are not showing anything for the manager.
  6. Lol 0-3 down at halftime. Embarrassing. We are not functioning as a team, players who want to play for their manager dont play like this.
  7. When City can put forward a lineup like that and the game was at risk of being called off. Jeez lol
  8. Ederson, Torres and Ake and absent from the city squad, would assume they are the other 3 with Covid. Only 3 regular first team players out then.
  9. If Anthony Taylor really is the ref we are screwed, he gives every call against us.
  10. Happy with the front 3, would have preferred Havertz in for Kovacic or Mount though. Let's see Cities line up.
  11. West Brom made a mistake in getting rid of Bilic imo.
  12. Just think of the amount of pens he could get at United 😉
  13. Let me try and explain that bit to you. Speaking only for myself, the most important thing for me as a Chelsea fan is to enjoy the football and be proud of the team. Can I do those things we we lose to the Arsenal kids? No at the time I was angry about it and unhappy with Frank for it. However having calmed down I go back to the fact for me that my happiness with Chelsea is not solely determined by success. Having a true Chelsea man at the helm means a lot to me. Having youngster come though like Mount and James means a lot. That cuts a whole lot of patience from me that previous bu
  14. It sounds a poor excuse but it happens often for us. When we are going well lady luck shines on us. We get that penalty, the ball deflects in rather than wide, we spot the final ball for a simple goal rather than attempt something more difficult. Casing point, all of these losses and draw of late, point to one without a single element of bad luck or bad referee calls. Everton, James hits the post and it deflects out rather than in. Would be 1 extra point. Wolves corner that leads to their goal was an obvious goal kick and poor call by the officials. If called right we are not ca
  15. I reckon United sign him.
  16. I would be happy to see him start, so long as we adjusted the formation to be more 4-2-3-1 and try and get them with pace on the counter: Gilmour---Kante CHO----Havertz----Pulisic Werner
  17. A coincidence that, is true, is 3 Brazilan players that caught it? Went to the same party perhaps?
  18. A few reports that the third City player to test positive and miss the game on Sunday is their number 1 Ederson. Not seen any word who the other two are.
  19. Who is to say the players missing are key players anyway? Walker is sure, but Aguero is no downgrade to Garbriel and as for the other 3 for all we know it could be players they would not start anyway, like Torres, Maherz and Zinlenko.
  20. Think most of us would agree that had it been Grealish on a united player rather than Christensen the ref blows for a foul or stops play. Likewise if Werner goes down like pogba does we dont get the pen. Only difference between us and united. Favoritism.
  21. Late winner for West Ham. 2 claret and blue wins today?
  22. Think Villa get the better of United today. They have been very impressive in all departments.
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