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  1. Yeah the waiting on Tuchel makes little sense as has been said he is a free agent. He is also know to have run ins with the higher ups at the club, something Roman wont appreciate no doubt, and if he is the one wanting to wait for the summer just shows he wants his full payout from PSG more than to work. Also what has Grant been doing to show he is capable of managing this squad any better than Frank? I guess we will find out soon if there is fire with that smoke though as I dont expect us to beat Fulham and Leicester.
  2. Really is disgusting to see some of the comments on articles like Paul Merson saying he still feels we have an outside shot of the title. Same people ripping on Lamps and making xenophobic anti British comments (hey news flash geniuses not all racist remarks are about skin colour) are not doubt the same who ripped Ole and are now saying he can win the league. You can say you disagree without doing that. The man deserves way more respect.
  3. Without their key Scot to dive for a pen though. Bet yeah...out worst result of the season. Shameful.
  4. Hopefully Palace step up to Arsenal as Fulham did yesterday.
  5. With 2 good holding midfielders could work. Either way I would like to see a run of games where CHO gets to start game after game. Preferably on the left, with Ziyech on the right and Havertz in the middle of the 3 for me.
  6. If Fulham stay up honestly in would think is a good idea he stays there for another season. Ig he can get through 2 seasons with no major injuries and regain form and fitness then he could well return to our side.
  7. A lot of reports said Roman promised Frank 2 full seasons unless we were under threat of relegation. So I could see that call coming as I do not see Roman breaking his word to Frank if that was the case. Yeah all that extra time with Frank at home...lol And we may end up grateful for 2 points as I Spurs and Leicester with their low block counter attack football are a real weakness to us. But agreed we need 6, we need to beat a couple of the "top" sides or it becomes more and more a problem like the blades run with no win.
  8. Fulham showed yesterday they are better than I thought and a lot better than Arsenal. Makes this and the next one, Leicester away, as very tricky opponents. Would honestly not surprise me if we dont win either of them. The Chelsea that played Leeds and sides before that could comfortably beat Fulham and grind out a win at the foxes but the one we have seen of late, not so much. Guess we will see if it is Dr. Jackyl Chelsea or Mr. Hyde Chelsea that shows up.
  9. Yeah a new manager would not help us improve enough to reach top 4 imo either.
  10. Spurs are a problem to us. 6 point lead level games now. Think the top 4 will end up with them 4, following Liverpool, City and United.
  11. Well darn. Fulham started well but then Kane kills it. Shame, though if Fulham play like that first 20 minutes against us will be a tough game.
  12. When the time comes that Frank leaves, hopefully after a long period of success, I would like his successor to be the current Saints manager.
  13. So what do we think? Can RLC inspire Fulham to a result at Spurs?
  14. Given he has very good positional awareness I wonder if Dave can prolong his career at the top by becoming a Carvalho like centerback, who often was in the right place at the right time.
  15. Can you imagine the amount of bit*hing on here aimed at Lamps blaming him for it not being us?
  16. Well we saw today how a cup win can get a good side over the worst run in PL history with the Blades beating Newcastle. So let's hope our win inspires us to play at our best.
  17. Couple more of VAR mistakes today. They get the pen at Sheff U and Disallowing the United goal right but get Sharps Yellow and Shaws yellow badly wrong. Both could have really injured the players they went for.
  18. Face and championship side and if we beat them another championship side. Cannot ask for better.
  19. As poor as Fulham are they are better than Arsenal! 🤪
  20. Maybe he is the answer we need. Save our Rice Money, give Lampard Baka back...;)
  21. Hey Coco you f*ck*d up the date and start time again Jeez... 😉
  22. We need to change something, him with the freedom of a 10 is key imo. Many of us praise Mount for his pressing and work ethic, I can see him doing excellent when asked to sit deep and pick long passes and take on the odd long shot.
  23. No need to bring James back for this one, I would also be tempted to use this game to allow some players a break. Mendy Azpi Tomori Silva Emerson Jorginho Kovacic Ziyech Havertz CHO Werner Not likely i know however here is why. Think Chilwell and James could do with the extend breather. We should see a lot of the ball, so Silva especially and Tomori to a degree are good on the ball and Tomori has speed to cover back. Kovacic job is to harass them on the ball, get it back
  24. He scored, so let him start up to vs Fulham with Havertz behind him.
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