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  1. How much do you rate Thorgan ive heard hes been good with Zulte-Wargeem (sp?).Could he be anything like Eden
  2. Since none make it youll have no trouble pointing out say 5 players good enough to start for us that we have released in the last 15 years. This reputation we have for spoiling youth talent is completely unfounded
  3. I actually think he has a fair chance to play in the first team in about 3 years he would be nineteen but right now he is playing u 21 teams off the pitch
  4. At the start of last season i thought he has settled he'll get better at the start of this season I thought Drogba's gone he'll be better i dont want to think he'll get better at the start of next season and so far i havent seen a reason not to
  5. Welcome to The Shed End MOF 4 :)

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