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  1. Big, big goal. He never stops running and he never gives up. It certainly paid off tonight!
  2. It's good that the club are reacting when clubs aren't treating our players the way we think they should be. I for one would rather have Baker train with the first team than rot on Sheffield Wednesday's bench/reserves.
  3. Kompany has been shaky since his return. Drogs will bully him on Saturday.
  4. Think he gets another start vs. City? I wouldn't be surprised after how well he played tonight.
  5. Hopefully Thorgan does well. Don't want him to end up as another KdB
  6. The Baker loan makes me nervous, because I like the player and none of our youth (besides Tbo, and he doesn't really count) have really benefitted from a loan. Hopefully he doesn't turn into the next Josh or Kakuta.
  7. Always so surprising when he scores a header
  8. They've been saying he will sign a new deal soon since the beginning of the season.
  9. If we had room in the squad, I wouldn't mind him tagging along with us on our way to the league title. Just so he could show his good friend Gerrard what the winners medal looks like.
  10. I don't think there are many MLS teams who would want to waste one of their designated player spots on Torres. Not worth it.
  11. Bertrand is playing well at Southampton, had a great assist on Monday. I really think he deserves another chance at Chelsea.
  12. His penalties are fine, missed two for us ever. I can't see how people are complaining. I'd like to see him score those one on ones with the keeper though. MIssed against De Gea and now against the Maribor keeper.
  13. They need to stop teasing us with these rumors!
  14. That is the best gif I've ever seen.
  15. Buy low, sell high! Young players are like stocks now.
  16. He had a good assist today for Belgium's 2nd.
  17. Eden tweeted today, wishing good look to 'grandpa' Eto'o for his match
  18. On another note, it would be nice to sign him just to see the Arsenal fans have another meltdown.
  19. I think if we can all get over the how much of a you-know-what he is, we could see that he could be a good player for us.
  20. Sturridge? I always wonder if he would have stayed and been our main striker if we hadn't signed Torres. That being said, you can't really blame Torres for Sturridge being sold or RDM being sacked. Those weren't his decisions. We decided we were going to buy an out of form striker for 50m and do whatever it took to make him good again. Unfortunately it didn't work.
  21. Feel like what Hazard was trying to say was lost in translation/the papers hate us and want to see Eden move so they'll twist his words as much as they can.
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