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Didier Drogba


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funnily enough we could ask you the same question about gerrard. he dives as much as anyone yet wrote in his book he hates divers.

How about Mascherano, who kicked everything above grass all night. Or Arbeloa, whose dive got Ashley Cole suspended for the Barca game and then a few minutes later wrapped his studs around Essien's knee.

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Diving is a part of the game. Every club has players who dive. It's not the responsibility of "those bloody foreigners", neither is it a recent phenomenon. To give but one very famous example, Francis Lee was it it back in the '60s, Players will bend and break the rules as and when they can. Always have done, always will.

Spot the difference:

Didier Drogba: "Yes I dive. It is a part of my game"

Steven Gerrard: "Players who dive are a disgrace to the game. I would hate it if there were any like that at my club".

Excuse me if these are not exact quotes. It's the meaning here that counts. I'll make it even more clear.

- Drogba is almost univerally condemned and despised for being the worst diver in the game.

- Gerrard is feted and acclaimed for being a lying, steaming hypocrite - portrayed as a role model yet.

Someone else can provide the video evidence.

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Agree with Lofty, players will do whatever they can get away with. Mascherano did it when he realized he wouldn't get booked, and loads of players go down in the penalty area when they realize they wont score from open play.

And on a lesser scale, every time the ball goes out of play each player raises their hand saying it should be theirs, no player will admit it went out on them. And when a foul is called against a player, how often do they own up to it?

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Drogba's diving annoys the hel out of me. Diving is my pet hate in football (well one of them) and I think there should be far harsher penalties for it.

Charlie since you posed this question I would be interested to hear the Liverpool fan's perspective on Gerrard.

As far as I am concerned the three worst players for diving in the past 5 seasons have been Drogba, Gerrard and Ronaldo and I don't think any one of them has been any better or worse than the other. Drogba did seem to have cut it down for a while when even Chelsea fans started publically condemning him for it however it is definitely creeping back into his game.

However I am yet to meet a Liverpool fan who thinks of Gerrard as a diver despite the over whelming evidence against him. Even my best mate Andy (who is a Liverpool fan and one of the fairest football fans I know when it comes to admitting rights and wrongs) denies Gerrard is a serial diver.

However I also recongise that when you say something like 'every Liverpool fan I speak to' we are probably only talking about 10, 20 or maybe 30 which is hardly representative of the entire populus. So Charlie you can speak from a better[erspective of insight into Liverpool fans and that is whay I am curious.

Do a large number of Liverpool fans recognise he dives far too readily and, if not, how on earth can this be justified given the evidence against him?

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and I also think that his "antics" are vastly over-stated. A few seasons ago, yes, the twat tumbled if someone farted in his direction. That wasn't there for the last two seasons, but seems to be creeping back a bit lately.

It's not just the diving though.

He fains injury more than most other players despite being an absolute unit.

He mouths of in the press about leaving

His petulance in the CL final could well have cost us the trophy.

However Drogba, as unplayable as he is, makes us a bit one-dimensional. He is unable to play with another striker meaning we have Anelka on the bench or out of position and any youngster coming through will rarely get a look in.

Unless Hiddink stays I would like to see the club cash in over the summer. Whoever the new manager is he needs to start looking at a new set of players and move on. One of the reasons ManUre have been so successful is that Fergie has been bold enough to sell the players that defined his team when they started to decline and build a new squad (Beckham, Nistelroy, Cole etc.)

Plus if Drogba continues his form we should be able to get a hefty fee for a player in his 30's.

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Drogba's diving and most of all his antics such as "look at me I'm hurt" or "all look at me while I roll down my sock to see if there is be some sign of bruising". Drogba always needs to be the center of attention in games. If he has had quiet moments in the game he will play injured so that he will draw attentiont towards him. That is Didier.

But as annoying he is he usually delivers. He can make something out of nothing which is a sign of greatness.

On the top of Didiers antics he looks like an annoying guy. He has that lazy eye look on his face. If you compare that to SG's young quiet library boy look you can see how Drogba is more hated. I know it is superficial but it means more than people are willing to confess.

Everyone hates divers but Lamps dives as much as the next player. Ballack does it actually very well, in most cases he wins the freekick.

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Everyone hates divers but Lamps dives as much as the next player. Ballack does it actually very well, in most cases he wins the freekick.

Thing is with Ballack he knows exactly when, what and how to win freekicks. It's clear he does it on purpose but it fits with the ruthless German efficiency vibe.

Like when he squared up to Ronaldo in teh game at teh Bridge last season. Just enough aggression to tell Ronaldo to sit down, but not too much so that he got in trouble.

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The Drog is brilliant when his head is right. I love him when he stays on his feet and bulldozes his way past defenders. Also he's got quick feet for a big lad.

But when his head isn't right and he behaves like a petulant teenager he has me tearing my hair out.

I would still prefer to hang on to him though, because the very thought of Redknapp snapping him up for the spuds makes my blood run cold.

I can't bear thinking about what would happen if he pitched up at the Bridge playing for someone else.

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He is a good striker when he is in the mood, but his injury feigning does get very irritating.

Watching him rolling around on the floor against Liverpool the other day i wondered to myself if i had ever actually watched a game in which he played and did not roll around on the floor at some point as if dying. If there has been such a game i must have missed it, because it seems to be every single time he plays.

If he spent as much time concentrating on scoring and playing well as he does making love to the turf he could be great.

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The thing with Gerrard is that his reputation preceeds him. Refs don't believe that he would do anthing to break the rules, plus with the fact that they are more on the look out for players like Ronaldo and the Drog diving. He is also extremely popular to many pundits, officials and others as im sure youve all realised...

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