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Not sure how you all feel after todays result ,ok stupid question , personally im on cloud 9 , opening day and we bang in 6 , loving it.

I just cant help feeling an element of sadness for Roberto, when we went 3-o up i was actually hoping it would stay that way , i didnt want us to score again .

I enjoyed every goal , move , pass and end product but i turned away when the camera went to the WBA bench , i just felt he didnt deserve to be 4, 5 or 6 nil down, ok they did , it was just heartbreaking at the time and i had huge sympathy for the guy .

Still love the guy.

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I really feel for him. However, he's going to have a season to make a premiership name for himself.

In fact, perhaps we did him a favour. They were never going to win this game, and by hammering them, West Brom will have something to prove now.

Plus, if you look really really closely in his eyes, as the Chelsea goals go in, he's actually happy, because he knows where his home is.

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No. He needs to learn. One of my favorite players when he played for us but I'm not sad for him. He has a great job and he needs learn. Their season starts somewhere else than SB but I think it was good experience for him non the less.

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Felt sorry for him when I watched the re-run on MOTD, he looked well pissed off. But up until the 2nd goal went in they were passing the ball well. Thomas had Ferreira on the back foot quite a bit as well. I think they will beat a few teams this season, good luck to him.

I thought everyone, accept Paulo, played well.

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I think they started well, but when we scored the third they gave up.

I'm happy that we won, and won big, but I do feel for Roberto. Not a nice way to start the season as a newly promoted team. I wish we could have done this to him in his 2nd game instead and that he could have gotten a good result in the first game instead.

Oh well, maybe he can get his team to play well in the next game instead and prove that the huge loss in the first game was just a bad game. Three points in the next game perhaps?

Come to think of it, Roberto and his men will face quite alot of big teams early on, right?

If so, I really hope he can give them hell :Connie_threaten:

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I feel for the lad, but I want 3 pts more, no matter who we face.

We gave them a lot of ball after our 1-0 goal and I was worried at times, but after Drogbas 2nd free-kick right before HT we just owned the show and played it how we wanted to play.

I think he'll get a good lesson from this and I wish them well when we are not playing against them :)

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All newly promoted teams can expext a spanking like this couple of times a season, good for Roberto it is out of the way first up. Managing a newly promoted team in EPL is not for faint hearted.

Our 1st 3 goals were from set-pieces. There should be no excuses for letting in goals like that really. if they cannot defend set-pieces they will not stay in this division!!!

OK we couldn't defend them last season, but we had over 100 PL goals in our locker, I don't think WBA have.

Against the champions away, anything would have been a bonus for West Brom, but if the concede free-kicks and corners they cannot defend against the likes of Wigan, Wolves, West Ham, Blackpool, this could be the difference between survival and a yo-yo season.

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