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Man what a load of sh*te that is. How do people get fooled by this stuff ?


'We won the European Cup with this team,' the player said.


What player are they talking about ? if they are going to say that someone said this then why not just say who said it ?............oh yeah that's right they can't because then they would have to explain their lies when that player calls them up on it.


There is a reason why these papers are so cheap, it's because they are full of cheap sh*t.

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The Sun had to apologise for lying about a very similar story a few days ago




"We are happy to set the record straight and apologise for any embarrassment caused" they say.


Yeah it's because you were caught out you stupid bar stewards. If Terry and Benitez hadn't said anything they would have carried on like the vultures they are.


Even if they were giving away copies of their paper for free i wouldn't read it, i'm not even sure i would wipe my ass with it.


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His speech is understood to have been geared primarily towards

putting matters right for the League run-in and Wednesday's FA Cup fifth

round tie at Middlesbrough. However, his words prompted a debate in

front of the group with two or three senior players who were keen to

point out the spine of the current team won the European Cup last



John Terry, who was again left on the bench at City having

started only one league game since 11 November due to knee problems, is

believed to have spoken up for the players, with talk quickly turning

to ideas for tactical tweaks or changes to training that might eke more

from the side.


The Guardian's take on the supposed Rafa inquisition.

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The Guardian's take on the supposed Rafa inquisition.

Nice one, the Guardian can normally be relied upon for some mediocre of sense - I'd like to see their take come to fruition and clinch 4th spot just to see us in a good place next season when Fatty Arbuckle finally takes leave of our club.
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When I saw the thread title, I assumed it was a question, with maybe a poll attached, along the lines of "Who would do a better job" or maybe "Who would you prefer to manage the team until the end of the season".


No poll obviously, but surely nobody not on windup would have considered voting for the useless fat fraud. See what I've done there? No reference to his ethnicity, or his similarity to a lower paid employee in the catering trade. Strictly factual.


- He's useless, as shown by an abysmal set of results beginning with Fulham at home

- He's fat, as any fool can see, even Alan "It's not R*fa's fault it's everyone else's" Hanson.

- And he's a fraud as evidenced by the simple fact that he managed to con his way into the job.


Do the players respect him? No I don't think so. They may pay lip service, but you can pretty much discount as common or garden good manners, respect for the position rather than the man. Benitez's actions, tactics, substitutions, his overall effect on the team, will have left the players bemused and disillusioned.


So what about JT?


No coaching badges, no formal coaching experience.


But does he have the respect of the players? Damned right he does. Would the fans get behind him? Too right we would. Could he do any worse than the useless fat fraud? Not a chance.


JT is a natural born leader who has weathered all manner of storms. He has the mental strength, knowledge of the club and is arguably more Chelsea through and through than any other current member of the squad.


The press would of course have a field day, continuing whether they left off with their campaign to portray John Terry as the Antichrist's bigger, nastier brother. But so what? Hating Chelsea, hating John Terry is a national sport. Chelseaphobia is every bit as rife, far more so in fact, than Homophobia, Islamophobia and even arachnophobia. Furthermore, Chelseaphobia, like arachnophobia, is legal.


And besides. The press are generally kind to Benitez. More so because he's a useless fat fraud. If he was any good, they'd be giving him dog's abuse.



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