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ha ha ha fancy a giggle?


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guess who wrote this:

And another thing - while I'm venting my spleen - we now have a Jewish owner. A Jewish manager (I use the word 'manager' loosely, you understand). A Jewish Super-Agent. And no doubt, an army of faceless Jewish lickspittles scurrying around behind the scenes humming Fiddler on the Roof. And I can't help wondering if the Sp*rs fans will now feel the need to chant 'Grant's y*ddish Army!' at us when we play them next?

Oh the irony.

Football should be about, well, err, football. Not about surrounding yourself with people of a similar religious belief just because you want to feel all warm and fuzzy while chowing down on your kosher kebab. We're a football club not a Temple, for goodness sake! (and that's not a dig at the Jewish faith specifically, I'd feel the same if we'd suddenly turned into a Mormon club, etc).

And what's to bet now that we're the new Sp*rs, that Ben Haim plays practically EVERY match for Chelsea even though Alex is demonstrably better than him? (As is Carvalho). Ben is a good back-up, don't get me wrong, but no way in God's green earth is he 'world class'. He's Bolton class, not Chelsea class. Or to put it in international terms, he's Israel class, NOT England or Brazil or Portugal class.

officially a jewish conspiracy then. icon_lol.gif

the clue is, ironically, he likes to refer to loz as "mein fuhrer".

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the clue is, ironically, he likes to refer to loz as "mein fuhrer".

I didn't need the clue. Just the use of the word "lickspittle" was enough for me.

What's his username? c**tknuckles M?

I do hope that was in reference to me -- although I must admit that was the affectionate term applied to me by Brian...

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Hence the problem with lurking as I thought "Mein Fuhrer" was Loz' name, too

It is my name - didn't you know that since the late 40s 'Mein Fuhrer' has never fallen out of the top 10 names for English children!

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