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Super Sunday v's Le Arse


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Alright folks, no one seems to want to step up and start this thread, so here goes!

We NEED these 3 points, anything less and the premiership will be done for. We are already relying on the Scousers to do us a favour, but if we fail to bring anything less than 3 points, we are officially toast!

Also, the last team to beat us at the Bridge, could very well be the team to end our home winning streak. I hope that we play for the win, and not the defence of our home record.

So, who should line up? Cole willl be a target for the fans, and the ref, and the media so should we start bridge? When we have lost the past couple of games that Bridge has started? Mikel is a red card in the making, but is Makalele fit enough to play ahead of a back 4 that looked less than solid against Tottnh*m?

I really don't think we will see much of a change from the team that started against Tottenham, but maybe with Ballack starting ahead of Essien. Will cech be back?


Belletti.............Percy..............Terry..........A Cole



....J Cole............................................Kalou


Carlo, Essien, SWP, Nic, Paulo

final score? Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal, and Grant to be shown the door at the end of the season, never to come back

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We must find a starting place for all of our in form players as we need them to play 90 minutes.

Dreading the thought of Paulo facing Van Persie. Would prefer to see Alex man mark Van Persie.

Ballack and Lampard must both start imo.

If we fall behind and need goals, i would sub Bridge for Anelka and go to 3 at the back.







Subs: Hilario, Paulo, Essien, Mikel, Anelka.

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you criticised tactics and now want alex at rightback.


Who criticised tactics where ?

And when we purchased Alex we were told he was a utility defender who could play anywhere at the back, so i dont get your point, why do i have to be a genius to figure that out ?

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We really do have to win this game.









Joe Cole



Subs: Carlo, Carvalho, Ballack, Anelka, SWP.

Score: 1-0 Chelsea.

Also, just seen on the official site that Chelsea Youth beat Arsenal Youth 1-0, Phillip with the goal. The Reserves also play Arsenal on Tuesday. Hopefully we can make it a hat-trick against Arsenal at all levels over the next couple of days.

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coco, the point is, on one thread you are critical of tactics, which is fair enough, but then you think we should play someone out of position in such a big game? it's almost like saying we should put anelka wide left eh?

I'm not sure who says alex can play anywhere at the back, or where you read that- but you only need to watch him for 10 minutes to see he's a central defender.

I really do despair. I left the other thread because it was clear that you weren't interested in anything other than a scattergun outburst inferring ferreira was at fault for three goals, can sprint at 5mph and so on.

p.s. not sure how you can find it typical that I don't give my own opinion- I have many times at length posted about how we play and what I think we do well / badly, but I'm getting bored of reading the same 'opinion formed at the drop of a hat', rubbish day after day. It's becoming as waste of time to post anything other than:

chelseas THE BEST we will win arse this weakend coz grant doesnt tactics lol.

p.s. lets get messi, I like his skillz.

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Maybe you are confusing the stories about Ivanovic with ones about Alex Coco - Ivanovic is supposed to be able to play anywhere in the back four but Alex is very much a centre half. At right back he would be a liability on Sunday.

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Sunday will be miserable (bit like me, yeah I know!).

Wenger will have made note of one thing from Weds game. No, not that we can't defend a set play, but the fact that we were absolutely knackered at the end of 90 minutes. I expect The Arse to play the game sensibly, let the ball do the work, and then kill us off in the last 20 minutes. This will see an end to the magnificent unbeaten home run of 77 PL games, and also an end to any idea that we can win the title. Hopefully it will also see the end of the guy Roman has given such a massive contract to, A Farm Grunt.

From our collective misery will come new beginnings - fingers crossed.

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I'm f**king scared/nervous for this match. Playing Van Persie and Adebayor will be huge problems to our defense. I really wouldn't mind a draw for this one, 78 games-let's keep it. Alex and Terry should play together with Bridge in LB because cashley's a disgrace.

If Grant doesn't win, off with his head! icon_twisted.gificon_lol.gif

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Grant can't beat a decent team with a competent manager, even at home, just recall Liverpool, Villa, Portsmouth, Everton... I expect a 1:1 draw, because Arsenal isn't in great touch right now, and the home ground advantage do count for something. We will get a couple of bad calls, and Grant can save his life by pointing the fingers at the ref and moan about his bad luck'.. icon_twisted.gif

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I keep dreaming about these big matches. Last night I dreamed we had to play Manure and the Arse on the same day (in that order). Manure beat us 3-1 in the afternoon, and we drew against Arse at night.

I must find out what is causing these dreams, because they're very unsettling, not to mention sometimes true smiley_crazy.gifnervous.gif

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I keep dreaming about these big matches. Last night I dreamed we had to play Manure and the Arse on the same day (in that order). Manure beat us 3-1 in the afternoon, and we drew against Arse at night.

I must find out what is causing these dreams, because they're very unsettling, not to mention sometimes true smiley_crazy.gifnervous.gif

Too much hotpot & garlic before bedtime, not enough Celery if you ask me ? icon_lol.gif

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Scooping icecream with celery EuReKa.gif And a gorgeous bloke to feed it to me 169.gif

That should cure me. Thanks Coco and Gem!

How about scooping iceceam with celery and having Avram feed it to you!

Hah! Now that's a dream to er well perhaps not. icon_eek.gif

We can win this.

We can with this with Avram.

We can with this probably even better without Avram's input.

Arsenal are not playing that well, are on the back for what is it three or four draws? There is no reason why with the team we have and the home record we have we can rub Wenger's nose in the dirt and come up with 3 points tomorrow. Beating Arsenal is not that difficult really if you learn form the past when playing our way got Wenger all hot and bothered as that meant his team couldn't play their way. And if Wenger's team can't play their kind of football they've usually had it.

The trick for Grant is to set out a solid team, in a formation they know and feel happy with, not to make too make changes when we are playing well to disturb our rhythm and basically not to think too much or tinker too much or even get involved too much. icon_wink.gif

I trust the players, not so sure about Grant or Cate for that matter.

I think a hard fought 1-1 or 2-1 to us.

We really need Liverpool to do us a favour tomorrow as well against MU but I'm not sure if I can see that happening aswell but going ahead of Arsenal no matter what happens earlier in the day is good enough for me.

If we lose (God forbid) or draw and MU win then I think that the title is really beyond us even if mathmatically we are still in with a shout.

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