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sometime we get up to a bit of mischief but all in all we're good genuine, god-fearing people. If you were ever in trouble and a scouser saw you, he'd be the first to lend a hand.
Liverpool Football Club

Current rating 9/10

Squad ranking among the top four

Captain 1st

Goalkeeping 1st

Defence 1st

Midfield 1st

Forwards 2nd


* Goalkeeper

* Defence, three world-class Centreback and new Brazilianesqe fullbacks

* Midfield, four absolutely brilliant midfielders, including the best young midfield prospect in the world.

* Rafa, tactical genius who has finally worked out what’s needed to win the league.

* Torres, BPITW

* Youth, twice FA Cup winners in a row and reserve league winners.

Deluded? Scousers?

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Apparently Juve and Fiorentina are planning to bid on Dossena as well which will ultimately force the price up a bit. Funny how they weren't interested in him a few days ago until Rafa made an offer.

Clubs, shouldn't be allowed to do this. They're just using Liverpool's scouts to do their dirty work. Wait till they identify a player and then steal their target.

If Taggert can threaten Real Madrid, then I don't see why there's no reason why we can't threaten those two.

Last thing we need is little Italian clubs threatening to ruin our season.

my god. he wants to complain about a club wanting to buy the same player as liverpool does..... hahahahahahaha.

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Michael Shields' battered ****hole said...

Are you clucking mental?

If Liverpool are so clucking good and everyone else is so average - why have Liverpool not won anything for clucking years?

18 and 5 - yeah 18 years, 5 clucking managers and c**ts still haven't won the premier league.

That took a lot of censoring.

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