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Wayne Bridge Signs New 4 Year Deal At Chelsea


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Posted on: Tue 15 Jul 2008

Wayne Bridge has signed a new four-year contract with the club, which will run until 2012.

Bridge, who made 19 appearances last season, signed for the club in the summer of 2003, and is delighted to have put pen to paper.

'I'm just happy, I love it here, all the lads, staff, everything, so I'm happy to be here, hopefully for the four years,' he exclusively told Chelsea TV.

In total, the left-back has made 130 appearances for the club, scoring four times. He also spent time on loan with Fulham prior to the 2005/6 World Cup, turning out 12 times for our west London neighbours.

New manager Felipe Scolari was pleased Bridge has opted to stay at Stamford Bridge. He said: 'I am very pleased for Wayne that he has committed his future to Chelsea. I have been here only a few days, but I have seen that he is one of the best professionals at the club. I very much like his playing style.'

Bridge actually signed the contract last month, prior to Scolari's arrival at Chelsea, however the deal was signed with the Brazilian's knowledge. The decision was taken to wait until now to announce the deal as we preferred the manager to be settled and working first.

Chief executive Peter Kenyon has also spoken on the 27-year-old's new contract.

'We are delighted that Wayne has committed himself to Chelsea for the next four years. He is a key member of our squad and is relishing the challenge of the arrival of a new manager.

'We are fortunate at Chelsea that we have the two best left-backs in England and it is a source of pride for us. Wayne's new deal also underlines the club's commitment to maintaining a strong English core to our squad.'

To see the full Wayne Bridge interview, tune in to Blues News at 6.30pm.


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I could have sworn that happened around christmas time?

So did I. I actually thought he could be on his way out given that we have Cole and that Scolari is happy playing Ferreira at left back.

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So did I. I actually thought he could be on his way out given that we have Cole and that Scolari is happy playing Ferreira at left back.

I'm surprised Wayne signed a new deal, but I don't think he will have to worry about Ferreira being ahead of him in the pecking order. At least when it comes to the leftback position, that is. I think the only reason Scolari played Ferreira as a leftback in the Portuguese national team is because the quality of natural leftbacks that were available for selection was so poor.

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Quoting my reply from the other thread, this is excellent. And Scolari complimented his professionalism.

If Scolari is really the attacking tactician he is cracked up to be, that and the seven man bench might be enough to see Bridge get far more games this year.

Ashley is clearly number one right now, but more attacking in games means more substitutions and more games off. Perfect opportunity for Bridgey. Hopefully he can run with it, because since Highbury, 2004 he has been short on happy moments

Im glad Bridgey is staying, but the backline is definitely getting bloated.

RB:Paulo, Bosingwa, Belletti

LB: Ashley, Bridgey

CB: JT, Percy, Alex, Ivanovic

Id like to see Mancienne with a few games, but it doesnt look like there is a hope in hell of that now. Above all, we have to get Ivanovic a few games. Lets see what we bought

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Guest longtail

Glad to see Wayne has signed and is gutsy enough to carry on fighting for the left back spot.

I for one would have him as no1 choice.

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Classic case of bollox reporting by the Daily Mirror today as they had it splashed all over their back page this morning that Bridgey was on his way to join Harry for £5m. Great timing Wayne, showed the crass press for what they really are.

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Can't say anything that has not already been said. Suprised that he is staying, but really pleased. I actually like how Scolari has called him a "gret professional," as I think that is what Wayne's all about. Just getting on with it. I am sure he is playing at his top level, so to make silly demands would be, well, silly.

Glad to still have you


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Surprised as the rest here. A good sign that big Phil is able to keep the squad players . I guess the only defender who will be leaving is BanHaim. If my calculation is right, we have 2 people for every position in the back, and Belleti or Paulo as a spare.

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Brian Reade form the Mirror had some nice words for Bridge:


"Wayne Bridge epitomises the difference between today's top players and the rest of us.

The full-back has just signed a new contract which effectively means he'll spend the next four years sitting down to watch Chelsea play, hoping something nasty happens to Ashley Cole .

Which is what every fan outside of Stamford Bridge will be doing. But we won't be getting paid £16.6million for the pleasure.

Different class, as they say."

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