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  1. This! I’ve just had a punt on him. Can someone explain to me how Pedro is 7/2 to score first and Willian is 15/2? Good value!!!
  2. Sharpy

    Mauro Icardi

    What she said was; "We have a very good relationship with the two biggest clubs in Spain who are very interested in Mauro, as well as one in France and one in England”. Read into that what you will but I’m hoping it’s us.
  3. Jorginho is increasingly frustrating me. Isn’t his job to unlock defenses with his passing? Every long ball he hits is useless. David Luiz does it better. Fabregas could do it better
  4. It will break my heart to see Hazard leave. But he deserves to go at the end of this season. Its the only way he can become the best in the world and get the recognition he deserves. He has already done enough for us that I could never hate him, what a f**king player.
  5. I turned this off when he suggested David Luiz should be captain. No leaders on the pitch? Dave? Cahil? Pedro?
  6. Sharpy

    Dzeko the Gecko

    Coral has Dzeko to Chelsea at 1/8. They're rarely wrong at that price.
  7. Sharpy

    Dzeko the Gecko

    Emenalo quits and we land Dzeko and Palmeiri in a January transfer window
  8. If Morata had four shots at Tupac he should still be alive.
  9. We aren't doing f**k all in the PL either
  10. f**king embarrasing, I've never seen so many of our players play SO f**kING BAD
  11. Fabregas comes on. Completely different game, score 2 goals with ease. Coco where you at?
  12. I was giving you an example of a scoreline not being a true representation of a game - e.g. when a team is unlucky to lose. We scored one good goal and were gifted one goal. Two clinical moments. Other than that we've been poor going forward. They've had some real chances, granted we defended well, but this game could of gone either way and thus the scoreline - them being 2-0 down - is not an entirely fair scoreline for them to be going into at half time, is it? Not rocket science lad
  13. Really? You've never watched a football game where a team were unlucky to lose?
  14. Pretty much every other person has said in this thread that our ball in the final third has been sh*te. Pedro and Willian, and Moses, are giving the ball away, ALOT. This is nothing to do with Conte. This is down to individual performances. Stoke are pressing high, we need an outlet and Fabregas is exactly the player who will exploit that kind of space. Try watching the game and forming your opinions instead of just looking at the scoreline and jerking one off, mmkay?