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  1. Batman is f**king useless, completely out of his depth
  2. Alonso, Kante, Luiz, Higs and Kovacic having a good game. hazard and Pedro completely off the pace jorgihno having a f**king mare as per usual
  3. What she said was; "We have a very good relationship with the two biggest clubs in Spain who are very interested in Mauro, as well as one in France and one in England”. Read into that what you will but I’m hoping it’s us.
  4. He is the same age as Higuain who Juventus bought for 90 million euros last season. You could argue Higuain is a better striker but I don't think there is that much between them.
  5. A reputation as a big spender? When was the last time we paid over the odds for a player? Torres?
  6. You really can't presume that a player is going to flop based on how much we spend on them just because of what happened with Torres... What are you suggesting, that we never actively compete in the transfer market for big names because we are afraid to spend big because of what happened with Torres? That's ridiculous.
  7. You need to understand that a large amount of our transfer dealings are strictly business, to help balance the books. Whilst I agree that a lot of the talent we already own has potential, a lot simply don't make the grade and we are just hoping to buy/sell for a profit.
  8. Mario Pasalic started for Monaco tonight in the CL league and scored the only goal against Valencia. They lost the game 3-1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTUR8BEDH0M Nothing to write home about good to see the lad getting experience. He also scored in there first UCL qualifying match against Young Boys and had his Ligue 1 debut the other day. 2 goals from 3 games. One to keep your eye on this season
  9. He would be third choice, to Costa and Remy. Are people already forgetting how well Remy performed when required this season?
  10. https://twitter.com/gigi_salmon/status/447072725463740416 MvG is playing in the u21s tonight, coverage on CTV I think.
  11. Mods can we change the title of this thread please? It's kind of depressing to keep logging in and seeing "Gary Cahill - Must improve" especially after he has been playing this season!
  12. Was actually a tweet I read from a Chelsea Transfer page that grabs the headlines from most papers. The article itself is more speculation in regards to Costa and not very interesting apart from the bit about his release clause. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/10526834/Jose-Mourinhos-tinkering-rattles-Chelsea-players-trying-to-find-form.html Obviously he's no Saurez but as someone rightly pointed out I just don't think were in the market with that sort of money. Would take him in a heartbeat though regardless of reputation. Costa is the second highest goal scorer in La Liga and only 25, he would be a real prospect. I just hope we don't lose Courtois as part of any deal.
  13. More links floating about in regards to Atleticos Diego Costa. Apparently he has a 32m release clause. I think he is the real deal, we should raise money from Kdb/Moses and buy him ASAP. Him and Gaurin would be enough to see us through to summer
  14. Sharpy


    What about playing Willian deeper in a Fernandihno type role? I'm sure he played there for Shaktar. He tackles very well, exceptional work rate, can carry a ball forward and pick out a good long pass. Ramires/Willian would be a formidable Brazilian link up.

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