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  1. Trying to play out from the back in the 91st minute, f**king clueless
  2. Glen hoddle is such a f**king idiot, no that was not a corner you stupid boomer c**t.
  3. You’re joking right? He was f**king sh*te frank needs to come clean on the rudiger situation. First choice for Germany can’t get in the squad over f**king Christensen and zouma?
  4. Kepa should never wear the shirt again, he is utter f**king garbage.
  5. Rumours that the Emerson deal is off I'd like us to get Rice or Partey, but I think both are unlikely.
  6. on what planet is that not a red lmao. clear goal scoring opportunity?!?!
  7. Batman is f**king useless, completely out of his depth
  8. What she said was; "We have a very good relationship with the two biggest clubs in Spain who are very interested in Mauro, as well as one in France and one in England”. Read into that what you will but I’m hoping it’s us.
  9. He is the same age as Higuain who Juventus bought for 90 million euros last season. You could argue Higuain is a better striker but I don't think there is that much between them.
  10. A reputation as a big spender? When was the last time we paid over the odds for a player? Torres?
  11. You really can't presume that a player is going to flop based on how much we spend on them just because of what happened with Torres... What are you suggesting, that we never actively compete in the transfer market for big names because we are afraid to spend big because of what happened with Torres? That's ridiculous.
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