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  1. Feel like everyone forgot you guys got Pulisic next season...
  2. Any reason he didn’t feature earlier today?
  3. It came from the horses mouth(manager) but who can you really believe these days....
  4. That tends to happen when you sell one of the worlds best players for a record transfer fee...
  5. The Neymar transfer couldn't have happened to a worse club, Barca won't see any sympathy from me...
  6. According to Sky no official bids have been made for Aubameyang this window...
  7. Just wanna say you guys are a great laugh, it's still early so ignore the whiners [emoji23]
  8. Hard to understand when Pogba is black last time I checked.....
  9. I'll be shocked if this guy is a manager at the end of the year
  10. Rodgers: I've had talks with #LFC owners - I have their full support. But sack may come without progress next year http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/rodgers-spoke-liverpool-fc-owners-9114766
  11. Good move by Man U if true[emoji122]
  12. Would be a good pick up[emoji108]

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