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  1. Annabelle Comes Home...utter sh*t.
  2. Just finished this, Impulse I thought it was very good.
  3. suttoner


    Try Ace. Been using it for a while and it very rarely glitches.
  4. Halfway through Ozark. Very very good up to now.
  5. Ray Donovan season 5 starts monday Vikings season 5, Nov 30th The Exorcist season 2, September 30th Gotham season 4, September 29th The Blacklist season 5, September 28th Mr Robot season 5, October 5th Stranger Things season 2, October 27th Walking Dead season 8, October 23rd Looking good over the next few months.
  6. To be fair, I personally didn't find it as good as season 1, but it is very good.
  7. https://twitter.com/BBCSport/status/889947074938142720 Is he seriously deluded? £200 million on two players but it's everyone else's fault...
  8. suttoner


    I've had mine for over 2 years and it's been going for longer than that. Prices are £80 for a year, that includes all pay per view etc. It's more expensive that sat but it's that or IPTV, which isn't the best at the minute. Quite a few of the IPTV channels suffer from low bitrates.
  9. suttoner


    Just get a cable server instead mate. I can point you to a good one if you're not sure. As for a box, get one of these http://www.zgemma.co.uk/Sat-Cable-Terrestrial/zgemma-star-h2 All your HD channels back too...
  10. suttoner


    Are you in a cable area??
  11. How is this now? I watched the 1st season and was bored to tears with it. May get back into it if it's got good.
  12. Yeah mate. Didn't want to say too much in case people haven't seen it yet. It's funny as feck.
  13. The 3rd episode of season 2, when they go to the zoo, is classic.

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