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  1. it really doesnt matter if his tactics is great or not because we all know how great he is as a tactician the bigger issue is how he can work with the board without any clashes, i hate to see fights within the club every 1-2 years
  2. depends what you expect from Chelsea... if you want us to go back to those elite days where we challenge titles and Champions League, then he isnt a starter for us if you want to scrap top 4 then ofc he is ok
  3. same as me, i just say i dont give a f**k who managing us, you put SAF or Wenger there i can still cheer if we win every trophies
  4. tbh not every fan thinks like this I dont really care who is the manager, as long as we win
  5. he runs a lot, and thats the standard we want these days i suppose...
  6. oh maybe Adriano would revive his career and score the goal for us instead? Just because history happened that way doesnt mean any other possibilities wont happen if things changed in the past. Do your research, and hire someone who knows what he wants, and good at coaching at the same time, instead of hiring a coach who you dont want to give him the power to buy players, and then they get upset and find that the players you throw at them are unplayable for him, thus wasting everyone's time and money - the club, the manager and the player, Lose, lose lose situation
  7. you think Marina would care? She is literally the person running the club now and she will just kick Tuchel out of the door if he dares to confront her lol
  8. yes, and if I have done enough research before hiring, I would fully trust his decision. I have said this many times, there is no point hiring someone and then not trusting his decision making, it is wasting both parties time. You either not hiring them or fully commit on them
  9. well then all those 'long term plan/project' are just bullsh*t
  10. Looking at how Tuchel's reign at PSG and Dortmund ended, it would be a miracle he can last longer than 12 months under Roman and Marina lol
  11. why would she go for someone that will take away her power lol🤣
  12. i just want a city board, hiring football people like Txiki Begiristain, and then work closed with the manager, not buying random ass player out of thier mind and force the manager to play them
  13. speaking to the players doesnt really tell much of a story, you think Lampard would refuse to talk to them just because they arent his signings? it is like your boss assigned a sh*tty client for you to follow and you wont tell the client you really dont wanna serve him in his face
  14. DoF way only work if DoF is also a football people and respect the manager and willing to work with him. We got someone who is great at negotiating but got little to no football experience and not respecting nor willing to work with manager. Tell me how many times since 15-16 we have sh*tty windows where players arent anywhere near the manager wants and tons of panic buys and last min purchase?
  15. If you dont trust your manager's decision to get players then dont hire him at the first place, no point in asking someone to coach and at the same time keep buying players that the manager doesnt want, it is wasting both time and money. he is 2pt off the top, Seria A regardless, with Inter, getting 2nd in the league is an achievement consider how sh*t they were in the last 5-7 years
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