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  1. so our interest for koulibaly is pretty large, I think we can all agree, and we all know napoli want maksimovic as their replacement. ok fine, that's all nice and dandy and sh*t would be done if maksimovic didn't miss training and is being linked directly with us. so if we get maksimovic, everything would flop with koulibaly who is a player we've all wanted, but maksimovic is half price or even less, so we'd be getting a deal. on the other hand we could just finish the deal with koulibaly right now, and then napoli could easily get maksimovic in like a day or two later, and everything would be alright. so, why isn't it completed? EDIT: i just saw what havelschayes said. this is getting out of hand. i can kind of understand the logic, selling to a rival in the league and what not, but can't napoli then just turn their attention elsewhere? there is others like maksimovic, or there should be, so...

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