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    Sports.... Goes without saying football!. Cricket, NFL, The AFL, Boxing and UFC. Moderate interest in F1, Moto GP, Gaa,Rugby Union & League

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  1. Haha. It comes from his Arsenal days when the whole Barca transfer saga was happening for a few summers in the trot. I never bought it his loyalty of not specifically asking to leave but somehow always found himself in situation s such as the time his Spanish teammates 'forced" him to wear a barca shirt and pose got a photo. No not for me No doubting his talent just not a fan of him personally.
  2. Your bit about him drifting to the left is spot in. He often seems to drift out there and then doesn't really either have the trickery or the explosiveness of acceleration to do anything of note. Plus misses the chance to be on the end of any balls which is his primary function!
  3. I've never liked Fabergas as a person I've always found incredibly smarmy. But he's an incredibly gifted player and think we re a lot better off with him than without, especially seeing as we don't have a particularly deeps squad atm..
  4. We desperately need personality and leaders in the team. He s the type of player that brings a team closer with his personality. I know he s prone to the odd heads gone moment but he s also capable of some proper magic. Tbh he was a personal favourite of mine along with Ivanovic and Davey A.
  5. That's a very good point. Does have tjat ability to rise to an occasion..scored the odd important goal as well
  6. Tbh I always liked Luiz. I think he s a good footballer maybe not as an out SNF outbread and butter centre half but I think he's a good player plus a good personality to have in a team. Its all bollocks anyway so we re all wasting our time!
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