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  1. Anglejjd

    New year

    - Sell Morata, no excuse for not even running hard when things don’t go your way. - Get rid of the high earning squad members who bring nothing to the team i.e. Fabregas, Drinkwater & Cahill. - Mason Mount must feature in 2019. Look at Brooks at Bournemouth, Maddison & Choudry at Leicester, Sancho at Dortmund, Wan Bissau’s at Palace....all young but good enough in my opinion if given games. - Allow Hudson Odoi to join Bayern Munich. - Keep Eden Hazard at all costs. - Continue to troll Tibaut Courtois on forms of social media
  2. Empty seats everywhere but no tickets available, despicable!
  3. Anglejjd

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Some people call it luck, some call it trade?? You can’t teach that
  4. Anglejjd

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Not once Hazard is back. Hazard, Giroud & Willian for me over RLC and Pedro
  5. Anglejjd

    Man of the Match - Burnley Vs Chelsea (PL 2018)

    Whole team was composed, Barkley and Willian both stood out as usual but I’ll go Ross
  6. Gonna be a long season if we are aiming to do well in all competitions so people will get their chance
  7. Anglejjd

    2028/19 kit?

    Any idea when the third kit will be released?
  8. Anglejjd


    Hopefully the end of Cesc, he can wear his pilot shirts doing punditry! Just need someone committed to replace Thibaut so he can go and live in Madrid. I can’t help but feel short changed on Thibaut, he has never performed for us like he did in that semi final.
  9. Not the best but it fits well
  10. Ten years from now Chelsea and England will be dominant. Even the young players we sign and loan out to increase value and who many never play for us is a good business model. It just hurts more when they turn out like De Bruyne and Salah and we are stuck with Cesc and Morata.
  11. Anglejjd

    Random Rumours

    Anyone fancying Pascal Gross? Timo Werner as a marquee signing....
  12. Anglejjd


    Zaha and Mahrez to replace Pedro & Cesc
  13. Anglejjd

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    So 40 million on Drinkwater, 15 million on Barkley, 23 million on Emerson and roughly the same on Zappacosta have all been value for money because they are youngish? I would rather have seen Loftus-Cheek fill Drinkwaters role but that’s just my opinion. As good as Giroud has been would he have bothered moving if he didn’t want to play in a World Cup this summer? This reminds me of the time we signed players like Tal Ben Haim because we tried to do good business lol. I know for one I would accept a fifth place finish if we started to transition in a few of the young lads rather than spunk money on average players.
  14. Anglejjd

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The amount of money we spent providing him with squad players who have hardly featured we should have backed AC and got him the players he wanted in the summer!