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  1. Still feels surreal watching this team and backroom staff. Thought we were brilliant in the second half and support looked amazing too.
  2. that goal and making looking Henderson look like the donkey he is.. didn't think I could love Eden more than I already did!
  3. In an ideal world PSG are forced to sell and Madrid come in for one of the above, but no doubt Uefa bottle it and let PSG do as they please
  4. would've liked to see him in the squad for next year, but realistically wasn't ever going to happen, so I reckon this is the next best thing, him back with Jody and Lamps.
  5. I reckon Meunier would be a great signing, remember seeing us linked with him last year, he's had a good world cup
  6. long shot but hopefully Ross Barkley has had enough time to get fully fit and play a part in that role. would personally rather see him and Ruben be given the chance there instead of signing someone like Golovin. regardless, very happy with the prospect of a Kante, Jorginho midfield
  7. always been a fan of Fab but really don't see what he offers the team anymore, did the same thing everything he got the ball tonight and has been so slow in his build play all season.
  8. great goal, really did struggle seeing him in a Chelsea shirt up until the first Southampton game, must start from now on and that should hopefully give Morata a kick up the arse too
  9. will be glad to see the back of him, but feel like Roman is gonna make him see the rest of the season out. miserable time for the club
  10. shouldn't start another game this season, its doing no one any favours especially himself, looks scared and incapable of doing anything positive. the amount of times he loses the ball because of a bad first touch and for lack of awareness of players around him is embarrassing to watch. thank god we have Kante
  11. besides Oblak, i'd love to know from the people who want him out who they'd replace him.. he's had a few stinkers this year but overall a great goalie and the best keeper in the prem behind de gea.
  12. love this. how we could've done with having JT, a proper leader, around this season
  13. I said the same thing in another thread, but I would prefer to see us invest some time in him next season and slowly integrate him in the first team. don't think sending him down to the lower leagues again will do him any good. if Conte stays don't see why he can't spend the year moulding him into the type of player he wants instead of sending him on to another Swansea
  14. was great before his injury a few seasons as far as I can remember, hasn't quite got back there since but we could do a lot worse in my opinion, but should definitely be Englands no1 at the world cup I reckon
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