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  1. Would have being a soft pen. Same as ours really. Lucky there.
  2. Thats the problem though, they dont like being told off! Sarri has done that and previous managers have too.
  3. Thats because we lack leaders and characters in this team. Manager cant do it all.
  4. We tend to play better against big teams. Motivation is there for players. I predict a win for us.
  5. Cant say whos being the best player. All average so far.
  6. I would like to see Odoi and loftus cheek around 65th minute. Most probably it will be kovacic and pedro!
  7. Hazard is a legend for sure. I have being supporting Chelsea for 22 years and for me Zola, Terry, Lampard, Drobga are way ahead of him. In this team I would pick Duff and Robben on their prime everyday of the week too. Although, he is the best player of the team, talented, skillful and the goal scored against Liverpool was magnificent, clearly on my opinion the way we are trying to play he is a hindrance. There were numerous occasions last night where Palmieri was free where Hazard could have passed for Palmieri to cross to Higuain in the box. BUT NO NO thats not the way he plays instead he keeps the ball for far too long dribling for no reason and passes back to Jorginho!! Thats very frustrating and going by the comments that he acknowledges that all managers have being frustrated with him shows me that he doesn't care what they think, he will play the way he wants too which is sad because he is the most talented player of the league. Bloody Salah plays the entire front line without complaining and scores goals and he is not even half as talented as Hazard but he is direct and hungry to score. I think this is the last season we will see Hazard on a Chelsea shirt and will remain a legend.
  8. Am sorry but hazard is not the best player of the league.
  9. Our players keep the ball for too long. Not direct enough. Even messi passes more often.
  10. Not a great match so far. CHO has done nothing so far tbh.
  11. That was moment of the night for me. Showed grit and fight that normally lacks in our team. Rose pushing him away and not getting a free kick was ridiculous. I loved his tackle, like a fighting bulldog. We need to add that a bit to our play.
  12. We do indeed, for how long we dont know yet! Hazard needs to be replaced too most probably. IF they both leave we are left with willian and pedro! I for one like the fact when the club go for young talents with potential like when we signed de bruyne, salah, lukaku. If nothing else you can sell them again as their value will hardly decrease.
  13. I see you made up your mind about him before he even kicked a ball. In an ideal world we should be bidding for de jong too since he is such a great talent. Perhaps we have our own prolific dutch midfielder in our squad already! Personally I am looking forward to see him in our squad. If nothing else i am sure he will be better than willian. Besides who else is there in that age bracket as talented as Pulisic that we could have gotten?
  14. I think we will be pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Higuain and i am confident that we will finish top 4 of the league. The defeat is 80% players fault the rest is the managers. He rightly called them out. However, i would be disappointed if he plays the same team next game. Willian and jorginho at the very least need to be dropped to make a statement. I would drop alonso and kovacic too tbh.
  15. The problem Jorginho has its not only man marking but the wingers not being wide enough to receive the ball. Willian likes to cut in, play close to centre for instance and that area becomes very congested with players which makes it difficult to find a pinpoint cross or pass. If you have a look at juventus games with pirlo in the same position he has a number of options because players stay out wide and they have/had attacking full backs. Unfortunately, our players all like to play through the middle!
  16. This is ridiculous to have a subject of firing another good manager. Just goes to show thats its not only the board inpatient but us supporters too. Think of Guardiolas first season and the amount of new players he signed to his liking. Its not the manager but players such as willian and alonso that even when they score they hardly smile. We need new characters in the team simple as that and patience too.
  17. I keep hearing we have bad apples in the team but no names. If we dont get some characters in the team, leaders, we will get nowhere with Sarri or whoever else.
  18. He is certainly not worth 50 mill.
  19. This system is not good for him. 2 in a middle with kante he would be spectacular as you can see clearly he is hard worker, quick and skillful. Can tackle too. I would even be tempted to play him in jorginhos position.
  20. I would change jorginho for giroud with kante and kovacic in the middle.
  21. Personally I was a huge fan of Conte and Mourinho. Unfortunately, it didnt work out. Here we have Sarri that does not have a drogba or lampard yet we are competing well with players such as Willian or Alonso who is certainly very far from being in Ashley Cole's level. Pulisic is a good signing and paredes if signed will make the team much better. So far Sarri has not complained one bit and it seems to me he genuinely wants to improve the young players so i think we will only see sarriball next season. Hopefully we will play in champions league too. Patience is needed.
  22. Kovacic has being dissapointing. Mason mount would be excellent in his role i feel.
  23. Messi, salah and ronaldo score alot of goals through the middle why cant hazard play there? He is world class no!
  24. Lets be honest though. Its not the system or the manager. Who else is there to choose from apart from giroud who is average and Odoi? We need new players simple as that.

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