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  1. Memories here ... Mel Scott was a wonderful player, a ball-playing Centre-half before the term had been invented. Not quite sure why he never really made it, but he was a firm fans favourite. Tony Nicholas - in the days when you were allowed to ‘jostle’ their keeper, that is what he always did in the (usually) forlorn hope that the goalie would drop the ball! Well, it finally happened ... once ... and, you guessed it, Tony missed the open goal!
  2. I’d also like to see James on the right and Azpi on the left. I think Alonso has become a liability now and I’d like to say ‘Adios, amigos’ to him and Pedro ....
  3. .. and Mulholland. Eddie was the only one who was any good!
  4. Before the arrival of floodlights, all Saturday kick-offs were at 2 or maybe 2.15 I think.
  5. I don’t remember that match but do recognise some less well known names in the team. The 8, Colin Shaw, was a wunderkid goal scorer in youth and reserve football but never made it despite a few appearances in the first team. Knox and Mullholland both came down from E Stirling with Eddie McCreadie, while Albert (Ruby) Murray played often for the first team but was very much the prototype for Peter Houseman in fans’ eyes. Butler is a total mystery, as is the fact that we’re playing a friendly in the middle of the season!
  6. Why is Pedro still at the club, let alone in the team? Ross too casual in possession but otherwise ok, and Zouma won’t get a game once Rudi’s fit. Otherwise pretty encouraging ....
  7. I think this whole motivation/revenge is a fan thing as I can’t believe this bunch of players are motivated in any way by thoughts of ‘revenge’ even those who played in the game ... sorry ... more worrying are reports in today’s paper that we are thinking of signing Higuain and Kovachik permanently! Please tell me that’s not possible....
  8. So this is what it’s come to ... every cliche in the book - ‘we gave them a good run for their money,’ ‘ if Eden hadn’t hit the post,’ ‘can’t do anything about a wonder goal’, ‘at least not losing 6-0 shows improvement,’ ‘offside’, ‘we had a game only 3 days before’ ...... Two years ago we won the league and now we’re making excuses for not getting mullered by the potential champions! leaving aside Sarri’s appalling management, how many of our players would be regular starters in another top 6 side, other than Hazard and Kante? In today’s paper there’s an advert for VIP tickets for the Euro game with a photo featuring Chelsea ‘stars’ Willian, Pedro and Giroud .... enough said!
  9. ... and a word of praise for RLC who had a very good game, I thought. He is one tough hombre with skill and power in his locker. He could be the man next season.
  10. I had a lightbulb moment during this game, and I don’t mean turning off the light and sitting in a darkened room as soon as I saw that Jorginho and Kovachik were playing .... again! No, it occurred when Azpi received the ball for the umpteenth time in a dangerous position with loads of space and time in their half, and I realised that’s exactly what our opponents want as they know nothing is going to happen! He either crosses into the box where we have one ineffectual striker waiting for it, or he recycles across the box to the left side where it happens again until ... nothing happens! Not his fault, but there has to be an alternative way of mounting an attack against a block defence ... I suppose better players might be the answer ... I think we may already have them but they can’t get into this side!!!
  11. Everyone on this forum knew for sure that he was going to bring on Willian for Pedro, and then Ross for Kova ... so far so bad ... but I think he signed his death warrant with the fans by bringing on a FB for an FB when we needed to do SOMETHING!
  12. I think the low point of the season was 0-4 to Bournemouth so a 0-6 mullering by City can only be seen as an improvement! Keep your peckers up Chelsea fans!
  13. I haven’t really seen enough of Higuain to make any comment, but I have little trust in Sarri’s judgement as a talent spotter - Jorginho, Kovachic and even Kepa are hardly ringing endorsements. Also, I’ve posted before about our recruitment of strikers who are past their best, e.g. Sheva, Torres, etc.

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