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  1. OnePeterOsgood

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    Disappointed not to see RLC or Ross, and v disappointed to see Alonso still there. I think disappointment is going to be the general theme today! by the way, very good piece by Jamie Carragher on Morata in today’s Telegraph which is worth reading ... I’d post it here if I knew how to do that!
  2. OnePeterOsgood

    Chelsea v Man City (PL) Sat 8th Dec 17:30 UK

    Don’t understand why Sarri-ball is in any way unique or different to Klopp-ball, Pep-ball, Poch-ball or Emery-ball? We all (try to) play out from the back, retain possession and move the ball at speed ... the difference is that right now they’re all doing it much better than us! Because ....?
  3. OnePeterOsgood

    Wolves V Chelsea (PL) Wed 5th Dec 19:45 UK

    Not content with playing as badly as Torres, Morata now decides to sport the same ‘hard man’ shaved head which Torres also ended up with ... didn’t stop either of them always getting knocked off the ball by almost any defender! ... and how much did we spend on that goalkeeper??
  4. OnePeterOsgood

    Tribute to Ken Shellito

    Thanks so much for that, Backbiter. Good to know that Ken ended up a contented man after what would have been a brilliant career was so cruelly cut short.
  5. OnePeterOsgood

    Tribute to Ken Shellito

    Ken Shellito was an outstanding player whose career was cruelly cut short by injury. With Eddie McCreadie they were arguably the best full-back pairing of their time ... Eddie was, of course, a complete nutter whereas Ken was a cultured full-back who could really defend but also break forward when the occasion demanded. I think he only won one England cap but the general consensus at the time, and not just among CFC supporters, was that he would have played right-back for England in the 66 WC in preference to George Cohen ... he really was that good! RIP Ken ...
  6. OnePeterOsgood

    Southampton V Chelsea (PL) Sun 7th Oct 14:15 UK

    I’d like to see Ross start, too. Could he not play just behind Hazard and Giroud or Morata instead of Pedro/Willian?
  7. OnePeterOsgood

    Chelsea V Liverpool (PL) Sat 29th Sep 17:30 UK

    Agree with most of what has been said here. Desperately need a striker and a better alternative to Pedro/Willian/Moses. Regrettably Barkley is turning into this year’s Babayoko! Kovacik starting to look really good and Rudiger/ Luiz may turn out to be the real deal? At the beginning of the week I’d have settled for one win and one draw against the Scousers! Altogether a good performance with a lot to be excited about, I think.
  8. OnePeterOsgood

    Chelsea V Bournemouth (PL) Sat 1st Sep 15:00 UK

    I hope Giroud gets a start ... I don’t think Morata is ever going to get there, just not robust enough for PL. CB is still a problem ... we must be able to get a decent pairing out of all the choices we’ve got? Luiz is a worry, of course, but you just gotta love him! I also hope Ross gets another start as he’s going to lose confidence quickly if he’s on the bench every week I think he could be a really good player for us one other thing ... is anyone else getting fed up with the Man C fest which is currently going on? First the documentary, now the 10 year since the takeover celebrations. Don’t think they’ve won as much as us since the Abromovich era began?? I guess they’ve just got a better PR and marketing department!
  9. OnePeterOsgood

    Chelsea V Arsenal (PL) Sat 18th Aug 17:30 UK

    Totally agree about watching on TV ... I even get nervous watching re-runs of old victories on Chelsea TV!
  10. OnePeterOsgood

    2018/19 squad

    Just a few thoughts .... did we really turn down £55m for Willian? Not a bad fee for a player who always nearly there ... Is Pedro really still with us? Per ... leaaase! Why is Courtois only worth £35m? Is he half as good as Kepa? Does no one want DD? No surprise there! Some one actually wants Babayoko ... now that’s more of a surprise! Isn’t there a really good Brazilian/Spanish goal scorer at Atletico? Seriously, we’re desperate for a goal scorer and will continue to suffer without one Giroud is a decent player but he won’t get us goals, I’m afraid Here’s to a great season ....
  11. OnePeterOsgood

    Not the Awards Ceremony

    ... and with the dismal season reaching an end, and the prospect of major humiliation on Saturday, last night’s Not The Awards ceremony at the Hotel California was enjoyed hugely by both guests. Here’s the list of winners ... The Jokanovic Award for Worst Player Ever in a Chelsea Shirt - Babayoko (no second or third place) The Fernando Torres Award for Playing like Fernando Torres - Alvaro Morata The Lukaku de Bruyne Award for Best Chelsea Player - Reuben Loftus-Cheek The Jesus Christ Award for Coming Back from the Dead - Gary Cahill The Tony Blair Award for Smiling While Being Useless - Pedro The Selfridges Award for Best Shop Window Performance - Eden Hazard (bit harsh) The Royal Mail Award for Always Failing to Deliver - Willian ... and finally the Titanic Award for brilliantly surviving in a sinking ship - Kante and Azpi So have a great summer everyone, keep up the sense of humour and here’s to another season (my 63rd!) of supporting Chelsea ...
  12. OnePeterOsgood

    RIP Roy Bentley

    Roy Bentley was our captain when I first started supporting Chelsea. He was the typical big goal-scoring centre forward ... a great player and Captain. RIP my first Chelsea hero ....
  13. OnePeterOsgood

    Burnley V Chelsea (PL) Thurs 19th Apr 19:45 UK

    Burnley will think they’re playing 9 men again if Cesc and Moses play ... please please please some one else, any one else!