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  1. Two of our defenders, Zouma and Chilwell, in Tony Cascarino’s team of the week ... when was the last time that happened?
  2. What does “does ethnic cleansing” mean please and please provide evidence other than from such impeccably impartial sources such as The Guardian and BBC Arabic News? Don’t think this is the place for this but you started it!
  3. Does anyone remember the GK that Blanchflower signed for us? Borota, or something like that ... he was from the Kepa school of keeping!
  4. To make matters even worse, today’s papers full of praise for Nick Pope ... is it too much to ask for a GK who saves shots, comes for crosses and has the build of a modern day GK? Cech, Courtois and now .....😬
  5. Never thought I’d say this, but thought we looked a lot more solid with Zouma at the back.
  6. Today’s match report in the Times describes Bournemouth and Chelsea as “two well-matched teams” - how depressing is that?
  7. Few of you will remember a striker called Barry Bridges who we had back in the day ...he was truly dreadful, but still better than Bats! A striker who has zero confidence when given a scoring chance! Really ....
  8. Any chance of Kepa warming the bench instead of the goal line?
  9. As the ball came in for their goal, I’m thinking there has to be at least a 50-50 chance of it reaching their man ... so why isn’t Kepa thinking that? He’s got to be preparing for a worst case scene scenario which is that the centre-backs don’t clear it ... instead he’s just waiting and is taken by complete surprise when their man has a free header! I’d rather bring back Czech ... no matter how old he is!
  10. Let’s face it, that third goal has been coming all season ... lost count of the number of times Kepa and others have misplaced passes at the back ... this time we paid the price. Nevertheless, I like most of what we’re doing this season, and hopefully Frank can bolster our weak back 4 in January.
  11. Thanks, mate, no wonder my memory of those seasons is poor! Of course, Jimmy Greaves left us after the 60/61 season which probably explains why we went down the next season! Hard to believe that Venables and Blunstone played in the same team ... they’re like from different worlds!
  12. Wasn’t that the season we got relegated, or was that the following year? I remember the cup defeat to Crewe ... absolutely terrible. My boyhood hero, Frank Blunstone, played for us against his old team and I think he might have got our goal? We also lost in the cup to Darlington at around that time, a 3-3 draw at home followed by a defeat in the replay. Happy days pre-Abromovich!
  13. Agree with all you say, mate. Bit surprised by the negativity here on the match. We need a top CB who Tomori can learn from and a LB. I’d play Reece from the start in most games, but otherwise I’m pretty positive about this team.
  14. Great photo from the year before we won the league. Charlie (Chick) Thompson, goalkeeper, left us to join Notts Forest and played for them when they won the cup in ‘59. R Smith was, of course, Bobby Smith who joined Spurs and was an integral part of their double winning side.
  15. Memories here ... Mel Scott was a wonderful player, a ball-playing Centre-half before the term had been invented. Not quite sure why he never really made it, but he was a firm fans favourite. Tony Nicholas - in the days when you were allowed to ‘jostle’ their keeper, that is what he always did in the (usually) forlorn hope that the goalie would drop the ball! Well, it finally happened ... once ... and, you guessed it, Tony missed the open goal!
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