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  1. I wonder if other Chelsea fans are also bemused over the hysteria with Haaland? As we know only too well, scoring a shedload of goals in the Bundesliga doesn’t guarantee success in the PL! Then there’s other prolific European strikers like Sheva, Morata, Kezman, plus others who I’ve thankfully forgot! On the other hand, who had really heard of Drogba before he turned up here?
  2. Totally agree, mate. Some terrible signings but also some terrible sales - de Bruyne, Salah, Lukaku, Rice, Ake etc. I understand the argument about the benefit of hindsight, but surely a proper ‘football man’ should have been able to spot the potential in at least some of these cases?
  3. I’m afraid that Pulisic and Ziyech are turning into Pedro and Willian! Both awful!
  4. I think that might be Mel Scott who played for Chelsea in, I think, late 50’s/early 60’s. He was a very cultured Centre-half who was a real fans favourite who we thought was destined for great things. Sadly, it didn’t work out and I think he eventually went to Brentford and that was it ... great player ...
  5. It seems to me that whoever lines up for us at the moment we play the same dull, ponderous, one-pace (slow) football ... its all to feet with no one running into space and no one playing into space. Watching Liverpool yesterday even at less than their best shows what we’re simply not doing ... I can’t remember one instance against Fulham of us executing even a simple give and go ....
  6. I don’t think that sending off does us any favours. How is this team going to score against a 10 man sitting defence? What a boring,unimaginative team we have become! What has happened to us? I despair ....
  7. Don’t disagree, but the biggest mistake was by Kante who just let his runner go so that he was completely unmarked ... a bit reminiscent of Ivanovic’s last stand against the Arse when he just let his man run into a scoring position.
  8. Great to get the win but lots of concerns here. Honeymoon period over for Werner and Mendy as well as Havertz. Mendy not convincing and Werner replicating Morata who also had a great start. Why does Werner keep trying to run through people and why can he now not finish - three misses tonight ... you knew he wasn’t going to score with the chance at the end. Mount was great and Kova looked sharp when he came on. However, a decent win and another against the Arse and we’re back on it ...
  9. Hi Everybody - time has come for me to get rid of my collection of old programs. Hopefully there’s some one out there who will treasure them as I have. Mainly in pretty good condition. 55/56. 13 56/57. 14 57/58 15 58/59. 13 59/60 13 60/61 15 61/62 17 62/63 22 63/64 23 64/65 18 65/66 28 66/67 12 67/68 8 69/70 9 70/71 23 71/72 20 72/73 20 73/74 17 75/75 21 happy to let them go as a whole or in batches
  10. Two of our defenders, Zouma and Chilwell, in Tony Cascarino’s team of the week ... when was the last time that happened?
  11. What does “does ethnic cleansing” mean please and please provide evidence other than from such impeccably impartial sources such as The Guardian and BBC Arabic News? Don’t think this is the place for this but you started it!
  12. Does anyone remember the GK that Blanchflower signed for us? Borota, or something like that ... he was from the Kepa school of keeping!
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