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  1. I've just had an email from the sun newspaper saying that 2 major bookies have suspended betting on our new manager getting the sack already. . Maybe rubbish or maybe something going on behind the scenes. . Just thought I'd share it with you all
  2. Going to see the mighty Acdc in June 2016,I know it's in London and I'm guessing That its at the Olympic stadium before wet spam move in...
  3. the premier league are using vanishing spray next season. can we squirt torres.
  4. sunday 10th june,download festival,black label society,megadeth,soundgarden,the mighty black sabbath and other bands
  5. going to see ufo in april in london.....moi,i saw joe bonamassa some months ago and the man is a genius,try and see him if you can
  6. been listening to an early slade album this week called "slayed".vintage stuff on here and i had forgotten about the power of noddy holders voice.
  7. great acdc album mikstaw.been playing that one this week..also been playing lou reed..rock n roll animal.
  8. it was the new one.i thought the original was good but the new one was better in my opinion.well worth seeing maksimov....
  9. saw the karate kid tonight.thought it was great.
  10. not until feb 2011 but ive got 2 tickets for roxy music at the o2.
  11. listening to the who this week.was in asda and found a double cd,half studio and half live.the live half has 3 tracks from a gig i went to in swansea in 1976..
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