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  1. PimpThanos

    Two Year Transfer Ban?

    seems silly of us to be guilty of this after the whole kakuta situation a few years back..
  2. PimpThanos


    Actually bakayoko was thought to be Milan's MoTM
  3. PimpThanos

    Mauro Icardi

    Hope we do sign him, he seems excellent for his age and only will improve from here.
  4. PimpThanos

    Didier Drogba - Happy Retirement To The King

    Probably my top 3 or top 2 favourite chelsea players of all time. An absolute legend, if only we still had a prime Drogba as our main striker
  5. PimpThanos


    Rumours of Rugani and his girlfriend learning english..... Sign?
  6. I agree, its a real chance for some players who don't get as much game time to really show what they can do.