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  1. Horribly handled. There were so many players with potential coming through then that we handled terribly by loaning them out to garbage teams that never played them, and ended up wasting season after season. The list of players I can name is literally through the roof. THANKFULLY though, we are slightly improving in that aspect with RLC and CHO both getting game time with our first team on a fairly regular basis, so maybe we are changing just a little bit? Though of course that all goes out the window is this moronic board decided to just sell CHO to Bayern
  2. Well we've apparently rejected an offer of 50m + Malcolm for Willian. if this is actually true then this club is truly the worst in the world at transfers and this board is utterly clueless. Bunch of morons.
  3. We've rejected an offer of 50m AND Malcolm for a 30 year old sh*thouse named Willian. even if it was a straight swap lf Malcolm and William I'd take it. Willian for 50m cash only id take it. instead we reject it.. I am truly sick to my stomach, this club is a joke when it comes to transfers and honestly ive had enough
  4. what? Morata - 40-50m (value gone down) Bats - 30m Bakayoko - 30m Stinkwater - Lucky if we get anthing more than 10m Zappacosta - 15m Thats about 125m we're looking at from selling deadwood garbage
  5. Somewhat agree with Kante, but after that Leicester season he was definitely one of the most sought after players in England, its just most clubs assumed he wouldnt move. Now he's sought after by the likes of PSG. Jorginho was sought after Pep/City and thats pretty big if you think about it, not quite the flashy world beater type that Madrid/Barca tend to sign but he (was at least) thought as one of the best CM's and what abou Diego Costa? He was pretty sought after, especially after his stellar season with Athletico.
  6. Sell him, recoup some money and use it for Icardi. Should be able to get Icardi for free if we sell Bats, Morata, Bakayoko, Stinkwater and Zappacosta
  7. God forbid we pander and get Higuain over Icardi
  8. Kante and Jorginho? I mean they weren't as hyped as Hazard is, but they were both definitely sought after
  9. Hysaj in Zappa out sounds good Icardi in Morata out sounds even better If we can make just these 2 transfers go in this Jan, we can be more than happy
  10. Willian + cash for Martial while Jose was still there would have been perfect
  11. We need this signing, sell morata and keep Giroud as first backup
  12. 24, born and raised in london :) wasnt around in the 70's so i wouldnt know, but i understand where you're coming from. Its a shame that its all about the money, but I feel because of the carabao cup, it has diminished the value of the FA cup seeing as both are very similar. If there wasn't a carabao cup, the FA would definitely feel a lot more important than it does currently
  13. All this, and apparently he might not even be going haha! Depends on if we manage to sign a replacement for him in this window

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