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  1. Jenas is a bell-end of the highest order. His opinions are worthless, he was a nonentity as a player, and is a nonentity as a pundit. I have stuff in my fridge with more wit and intelligence than him
  2. Liverpool Away in the Cup, went behind to sturridge goal, then Emerson and a worldie from Hazard for 2-1
  3. WTF are you on about "he aint good captain due to his behaviour" what did he do...trash your maths homework ?, steal your lego bricks ?
  4. I don't know how he manages to get through these press conferences without belting someone in the mouth....the journos in this country are a shower of sh**e, what they know about football could be written on the back of a postage stamp. They go through the same tired old questions week after week after week
  5. Charlie is our Lee der, Charlie is our Lee der......I'm going for a lie down with a bottle of brandy.
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