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  1. Given our spectacular influx of home grown talent this last year, ross' value to us has halved. He is no longer needed to fill the quota. Sell ASAP before the brain dead media finally realise he's crap and his value falls.
  2. I love how much you hate your username. You STILL think our issue is you not rating him highly. It's the fact you have a bizarre fixation on his audacity to celebrate a goal, and the subsequent personalty diagnosis from it
  3. Donald Trump isn't a Chelsea fan by any chance is he?...
  4. Because we aren't all exactly the same? Can you comprehend that notion? Utterly bizarre
  5. That's downright awful justification. Barca also spent 130m+ on Coutinho.
  6. Well you're entitled to your opinion. However that you'd give Willian a new contract and don't rate Sancho is staggering to me.
  7. That's a really bizarre thing to say. Why on earth would that matter if he turned us into contenders once again?
  8. With the amount of money we have flushed down the toilet recently, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Baba, Zappa, Morata, the fee for Kepa... I could go on but I'm getting upset again, the timeliness of these youngsters has been fantastic.
  9. He's had chances and been extremely underwhelming. His competition is Pedro and Willian, they are begging to be replaced. He needs to show a hell of a lot more. You can't compare him to CHO. He has 120+ appearances and 32 international caps. Dortmund had our pants down, 60m is insane.
  10. Yep. I'd argue at this stage of his development playing well and missing the odd chance, supersedes scoring a tap in and playing bad. Obviously not every game, but you get the point. Kane and Drogba were nowhere at this age. Honestly hard to contain my excitement when I talk about these youngsters. Knowing that these guys will boot Willian and Barkley out the side brings a tear to my eye.
  11. Because we're just a bunch of plebs!? Our opinion means the square root of pumpkin to these players. It has zero impact to what transpires. People are entitled to their opinion, this is a forum afterall.
  12. I had huge reservations about this signing, but he's managed to disappoint even me. It spoke volumes to me that the Dortmund forums I checked to gauge their reaction was one of amazement. They were stunned we paid so much. And it wasn't even a "real shame he's gone, but great money" it was they paid THAT MUCH?! Kagawa and Miki looked far more impressive in that attacking side than Pulisic and they were incredibly average in our league. While he is young, game wise he isn't inexperienced at all, already racked up 120+ appearances. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong, but I just don't see
  13. Willian apologists go to some bizarre lengths to defend the indefensible
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