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  1. Well done, Scott! I participated once and you had me in there!
  2. Caba James zouma rudi Azpi Kova Kante Mount willian giroud pulisic
  3. I'm thinking back four. 3-4-3 didn't work to well against Arsenal last go around.
  4. I absolutely see what you're saying. I really hope it was the few niggling injuries. I just feel like the kid has to pull a master class to keep his place, while Mount keeps his place with spotty performances (don't get me wrong, Mount has been great this season). I feel the same for Tomori. Frank was quick to turn on him after a few off performances, despite the injuries (while Rudiger and Christensen continue to make fools of themselves). I just question is man management. At this point, would it be nice to have David Luiz? I take Luiz over Christensen and Rudiger any day. Lampard pushed him
  5. Tactic? You're giving Lampard credit for bringing on the best player down 4-1? My god I want to laugh. Pulisic literally would've wiped Liverpool as he did Man City in the first half. In fact, the two goals proves he should've started and Chelsea could've won that game. Your best players don't start on the bench. Should Liverpool bench Mo Salah, Firmino and Sane and bring them on against tired legs? Should Messi start on the bench? Quite asinine logic really.
  6. I mean, if the guy is injured, then why play him when you're down 4-1 to Liverpool in the 60th minute? Why risk him? Lampard isn't immune from criticism and should be called out when he screws up. The injury excuse is bullocks.
  7. Why does it have to be mount or pulisic? Play Mount over Jorginho. It's clear as day!
  8. Lol - you want to lose? Pulisic for Pedro. Mount for Jorginho
  9. This loss is 100% on Lampard. On what earth do you not start Pulisic. Maddening
  10. We didn’t even try. This game was completely winnable and we don’t play our best Attacker. How often has 3-4-3 worked after a big game?
  11. Criminal to not have Pulisic in this game. Space for him is perfect. Infuriating
  12. I think it's dumb to not play our best/most creative attacker (Pulisic). But I'm not coach. I throw Jorginho on the bench and play Mount and Kovacic together. We'll see...
  13. I'm nervous Frank gets caught up in the 3-4-3 that worked against Man U. Man U was a disaster defensively against us on Sunday. Won't be the case with Liverpool. Really hope he goes 4-3-3 and attacks them like the FA Cup.
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