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  1. So underrated. Fans starting to see it. He’s absolutely critical. Engine of the team.
  2. Can we walk about how poor Reece James has been? Complete liability
  3. Shocking re: Jorginho. Clear message from Lampard. Ouch.
  4. Omg those Fox Sports One days. Was so tough to watch any PL games (other than big 4 v. big 4 match ups). NBC Sports has changed everything. What a deal
  5. I do worry for Pulisic (or any player that plays 5 games in a row in such a short time frame). Especially with all the running on the wings. He's given 110% in 5 consecutive games now. Mason Mount and Willian are super humans and are the exception. I don't think we have a choice though given what's at stake.
  6. There were some positives from Watford though. Thought he looked more comfortable on the ball
  7. Why would Gilmour start when he’s been pour? He’s been a liability the last two games. It’s amazing how some Chelsea fans will blindly start him over Jorginho or Kante.
  8. Kepa R. James Zouma Christensen Azpi Kante Kovacic Mount Willian Giroud Pulisic
  9. Why does this matter if we can't defend? The Havertz talk needs to stop. We need defenders and a new goalkeeper.
  10. Kepa Reece Christensen Zouma Emerson Jorginho Kovacic RLC Pedro Tammy CHO (if fit) Rotation is key. Top 4 is more important than FA Cup. Need to be fit for West Ham on Wednesday. Can bring on Willy, Mount, Pulisic as needed
  11. Is it just me or is Pulisic at his best when Tammy is not the striker? Seems that Tammy tends to try and occupy a lot of the same space or make the same runs, and isn't so much a hold up player/outlet as Giroud is.
  12. Kepa Reece Tomori Rudiger Alonso (if healthy) Jorginho Mount Kovacic CHO Abraham Pulisic
  13. Go back to 4-3-3 at halftime. Pulisic on left for CHO. Mount in midfield for Emerson.
  14. I start the Valencia line up with Mount over Kante. Really need Mount’s creative ability

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