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  1. Would be a mistake IMO benching Pulisic for Havertz. Why bench a guy that we know can torch Madrid (did it last week) based on hopes that Havertz can replicate what he did against Fulham. I would go with exact same team as last week, but maybe swap Reece and Azpi.
  2. I'm worried about Pulisic. If he gets injured, Lampard deserves a shaming...
  3. Agreed. I don't think you play Pulisic. He will get injured. Need him for Man City.
  4. Agreed. It's simply not even about positioning at this point. He's completely off pace, positioning change will not make a difference at the moment. Sit him on the bench.
  5. Havertz should not be anywhere near the pitch at the moment. Insane that some people want to start him. Kovacic is absolutely clear
  6. So so stupid to move him from the left. Baffling stuff.
  7. There were two clear balls he should've played in the Sevilla game. It was his first start in some time so getting up to match fitness is expected. He would be the first person to say he should've played those balls in. Move on. I don't see how he was selfish against Leeds. He took a crack at goal that was blocked twice, when there was no real other option other than pass backwards? I don't mind those. Take a chance if there's nothing there. What on earth is there to lose. I think this "selfishness" thing is getting overblown based on again, two missed opportunities against Sevilla. Pulisic wi
  8. Didn’t think he was poor at all. Thought he was very good. Shot in final third needs work but had a lot of positive runs.
  9. I reckon we will see Drinkwater for this one 😂😂. Everyone should be rested for this. I want some youth guys playing
  10. Thought he looked sharp with the little time. We needed his directness. We know what we have with him if he stays healthy. Staying healthy is the biggest question mark. IMO, when healthy and on form, he is our best player.
  11. I don't start Pulisic this game. Completely unnecessary. Give him 30 this game and start him against Leeds
  12. He’s not being played in the right position. He’s best as an 8. Midfield was a disaster. Jorginho is good on the ball but is useless defensively
  13. Playing Pulisic on the right was absolutely baffling to me. Infuriating actually...
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