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  1. Until they decide to hire a competent coach who knows how to put the team on defense, whatever players are going to sign, there are amateur teams more defensively organized than Chelsea. And it's not entirely the players' fault. We don't have a Norwich or Aston Villa-level defense or goalkeeper. As long as I don't see that coach coming, no news will excite me.
  2. Pay 80, 90 or 100 million for a young promise. More responsibility is required. Real life is not a computer game. I have a lot of doubts about this player, he plays for Leverkusen, for God's sake. It may be, who knows, but it is not yet. And as I say, I have many doubts, ... For a reasonable price I could think of that, for those values, that some other club takes him. Probably, he will stay in Leverkusen until he proves something more than he has done to date. I see people comparing him to Cristiano and Messi. The people are crazy.
  3. Oh boy!!! Please, whoever has heart problems, refrain from watching this.
  4. We started the game practically winning, we reached the second goal, a great goal from Pulisic. We ended the first half very close to suffering a draw with 2 goals. In the second part, much stranger than the first, we hit the 1-3 in a good shot by Tammy. And we ended the game with our hearts in the mouth with 3-3 so close to happening ... Lampard doesn't know what to do defensively, he never did, this is the story of the whole season. We have to hire a goddamn coach who knows how to put the team to defend or it doesn't help having Pulisic, Willian or Werner and Ziyech. Absolutely nothing. We are an amateur team back there and the responsibility for that is entirely up to a coach who doesn't know anything about it. And he didn't have enough clairvoyance to know that he needed an assistant to do it for him.
  5. we need a coach Defensively we are worse worked than a Championship team
  6. As long as we don't hire a coach who knows how to put the team to defend, there's no solution. The game starts with 0-1, after a 0-2, against a team that does not play anything here the freak festival started back there. The team does not know how to defend. And Gilmour here, please, a little more respect. A lot is at stake. Willian and Pulisic, always them, always them.
  7. In a team that is a shame defensively, always changing the pair of CB, is still a kamikaze bet. Gilmour, Mount, Barkley wtf? When Barkley is our best midfielder I get a little scared. I hope Pulisic doesn't have an injury from the overload of minutes. I expect the same Crystal Palace from the last game, because otherwise, it can be very complicated.
  8. Goodbye and good luck. Is there anyone who still buys him as a great promise in the world of football?
  9. I don't understand this purchase, this interest, I honestly don't understand. And I have so many doubts about this player, but so many, ... For this price we could do so many better things ...
  10. Okay, he's young, English, completely overrated. He's not even CB. And completely banal. Please, not this, we made 2 such good purchases outside the English market. No Chilwell or Declan Rice ... please.
  11. The most likely to happen is that Man Utd will finish 3rd. They have the most favorable schedule and are very strong at this time. With this victory yesterday we should have at least secured 5th place, but be careful if we reach the last journey with life at risk, I hope not. It is necessary to give due recognition to the magnificent season that the Wolves are having. Playing Europa League since so early, with the best players in both competitions, with these results. Who knows they play Champions winning the Europa League. It would be fair. We have to finish within the first 4. But we are a Russian roulette.
  12. I must have seen a different game, I suppose, but it was a poor performance by Mount. He made a good pass and spent the rest of the game protesting with the referee and walking his vanity. He has talent, potential, but he's not a star yet, and if he thinks he already is, he's in a very bad way. Lampard likes him, but the reality is what it is, next year it takes a lot more than that to be able to play in this team.
  13. This player never deceived me and I saw him doing tests in one of the big Portuguese clubs, which did not offer him what Dortmund would offer him shortly after, as it has been a very smart club in the young values market. Lampard did not seem to know very well what was in his hands, I have doubts even that he had him in mind for the eleven starting next season, now it is simply an inevitability. The good problems that a quality coach wants. And he will need brains to fit everyone.
  14. His departure seems now increasingly obvious. Unfortunately Kante and Jorginho can't stay both, you have to choose, for what seems to intend Lampard KAnte makes more sense. Whoever contracts Jorginho will hire a great player. It will be an important sum of money to hire another player or a direct exchange for that same player that the squad may need.
  15. It is a political decision. We opted to hire young people. We cannot offer a 3-year millionaire contract to a player of this quality to sit on the bench. I really like Willian, it was very important this year, when he could be being selfish and save energy for his next club. There is no shortage of suitors for him. But it is true that his wish was to stay here. A complicated decision, but a political one, I think that after hiring a substitute for the starting eleven, you cannot have a Willian in the bench when with that effort you can apply to other needs.

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