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  1. with this coach we have no chances. I´m with you Kepa.
  2. You have a coach who doesn't even know how to put the team to defend a corner in the Premier League. Being a coach would be good enough.
  3. This is an absurd lie. Kepa is not the best goalkeeper in the world. The 80 million that paid for him is never worth it. So far so good. He has mistakes. But not all who are accused. They want to blame Kepa for the fact that the team does not know how to defend at any point in the game. In the last matchday of the League, the team still does not know how to defend a corner. The first goal is a copy of Zaha's goal. The amateur mistakes are repeated since day 1 of the season. And I speak of collective errors, not individual ones, it is clear that in a team without a coach the players are exposed to making more mistakes. The main problem here is Frankie.
  4. Marina, get the phone number for a football coach, a real one. And leave the club legends to the hall of fame.
  5. This pursuit of Kepa is surreal. All to cover up the fact that we don't have a coach.
  6. after 37 games we have 54 goals conceded. One more than Brighton and one less than Newcastle.
  7. The best player on the bench? Why? We don´t have a coach. We have a club legend that put his fetish ahead of the club's interests Sorry for that Pulisic
  8. July 22, 2020. If Man United does not win the last game, we are out of Campions. Frank Lampard is this club's biggest problem.
  9. July 22, 2020. If Man United does not win the last game, we are out of Campions. Frank Lampard is this club's biggest problem.
  10. What foundation do we have for the coming year? Absolutely nothing. For not knowing and neglecting the defensive work of the team several players were burned this season. It is a national sport to blame Kepa. Let's see how many millions this problem will come out of and how much better his replacement will be, if the coach is Frankie and his absolute contempt and ignorance with the defensive work, Oblak and Ter Stegen are impossible targets. So ... it will be one of many mistakes. But we will have a new goalkeeper. First and essential point in a team. A whole defense for rebuilding and working. There is not a single guaranteed player for next year's eleven. Maybe Azpi, but we don't even know in what position. Here you want to burn everyone, because everyone is guilty, except Frankie because the team does not know how to defend. Not even a corner. Midfield. We had Kovacic, Kante and Jorginho. 3 of the best midfielders you can find in Europe. It didn't even stabilize here, it only reached this conclusion many months after the season began, only to lose its way in changing game layouts and players. Always insisting on Mount, the biggest of his fetishes, failed. Changing the system and the players when the problem is that he did not know how to work the team and it was not the fault of these players or of a game system itself. Attack. All new. Nothing will be taken advantage of. Pulisic perhaps, but beware, the most resonant hiring is for Pulisic's position. Yes, this is where Werner does best, with a difference. He spent the year insisting on Tammy that it will do no good and is worse than Giroud and Bats. Game system. Defensive organization. Developed players. Automations. Nothing at all. Everything will have to be new and worked from scratch and the team doesn't even know how to defend a corner. The reality has these things. It is not made of roses. Another year with Frankie, it will be a decade-long burial.
  11. Of all the young men who promised a lot for this season he was the most exciting to see, he had better and worse days, but I believe that any elite coach would choose to be able to work with James sooner than any other. He has physical, technical and personality conditions that can make him an elite player. A young man with this potential needs a great coach at this age. A coach who pays attention and fits you in a well-crafted team. We know well that we have a coach who doesn't understand anything about how to put a team to defend. So it's inglorious for James. And here I also include Tomori. Who suffered and much of the same ills. I believe that with a better coach, Tomori and James would already be much more developed and stable in the starting lineup, I have little doubt about that. They are the bets that would be worth it. And not CHO, Mount or Tammy, who were sold as stars but will not be football stars.
  12. A whole year has passed and the same problems as day 1 are still evident. He insists and persists on his fetish players that he never attacked or despised as he did with some heavyweights, with more or less reason, but blaming them for some mistakes when he was never able to make a dignified self-criticism or correct his multiples and constant errors. He was brave and showed personality by adopting an offensive and risky style of play. By betting on young people. But a whole year went by without being able to define a game system, a stable and effective midfield, not even a pair of CB. We have the defensive organization at the level of an amateur team, because he does not know how to work, he was not able to have the humility or wisdom to know that more than anything else he needed an excellent number 2 to do this for him. He did not and continues without doing, without any sign that he wants to do so, he continues to blame players for mistakes and look for attacking players in the market ... It was a difficult year, with few desirable coaches attainable, but now the reality is different. Chelsea is back on the market, has conditions to get up, but for that it needs a GREAT coach. Someone with studies, knowledge, capable. Frank will always be a benchmark as a club player. As a club player. Who already hung up his boots. If you want to play as a coach, where you have to score 4 goals to be able to win a game, because a corner for the opposing team is half a goal for example to go to a division corresponding to your capacity. There will be plenty of clubs that will be happy to have an ex-glory of the lawns providing games with 5 or 6 goals while having about 10 beers between friends. But his place is not here. Whatever happens, every day that passes without solving this big problem, will be a step back for this club. It is never a good idea to put "glory" as a coach. It never was, it never will be, it rarely works. We need a coach. If I have to say a name. Nagelsmann. For all the reasons and some more (Werner).
  13. Southampton has one of the best coaches in the league, with the limitations he has, he manages a better record away from home than Man Utd, Man Utd who was a team throughout the season playing only and only counterattack. It is true that Man Utd's moment was good, it is the team with the most points won in the last games, but it is necessary to know how to evaluate. Bruno's impact, Pogba's return and some positive results boosted confidence a lot and that manages to win games, but it won't always win them. Solskjaer remains the coach and despite a stronger eleven, he is still poor football and with many players of questionable quality. Brighton and Southampton have better coaches than Chelsea and Man Utd. Which is something incomprehensible to anyone who watches football. But football rarely wants something with reason. In spite of all this, Man Utd continues to have the most favorable clause and the competition will surely lose more points than they do, continuing to be the big favorites to finish in 3rd. It is the possible race within a large set of Greek tragedies.
  14. Not a mistake. An unacceptable mistake that with a decent coach he would not put his boots back on. Nothing new in this championship player who believes himself to be another rockstar, Lampard's fetish, one more. On our beautiful cross.
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