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  1. playing under Conte he was the best DM in the world for me
  2. it worries you a lot that kante would play as DM for us? are you a troll?
  3. no way kai is a winger in the premier league
  4. what? they don´t need someone to compete with pogba and fernades for 2 spots, those are two of their best players.
  5. He is a great offensive wingback. If we were to keep playing with 3 cb, i wouldn´t think we need a new LB Reguilon looks good though. he is fast af
  6. it doesn´t work like that, the club can work on different deals at the same time I don´t buy that united is really after him, it just seems like the perfect story for some journalist to make up
  7. Am i the only one who doesn´t see what Chelsea sees in Harvetz to pay that much for him?
  8. Might as well go at it and hope he signs the moment we lift the UCL 19/20 trophy
  9. Zouma is by far the best CB we have imo
  10. Alonso is a good choice when you go with this 3 at back wingback system. Not many better than him. He just need legs like Tomori's to cover for him. Would be insane to sell him. Just sell Emerson and get a left back that can play 4 at back. Agree 100%
  11. Yes, and Man U. He got injuried against Norwich
  12. Pulisic was injured, he was not dropped
  13. i seem to be the only one, but i don´t expect Lampard to play Caballero tomorrow.
  14. He didn´t start pulisic because he got injuried against Norwich (same reason he didn´t play against United) Pulisic is definitelly playing as many minutes as he can on sunday (hopefully that means he can start the game)

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