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  1. i have to imagine Odoi wasn´t training well during the first weeks so he decided not to start him, and that´s why he used kai, werner and mount as the wingers since pulisic and ziyech were injured
  2. i´m not judging him until we are a few weeks in to having a full healthy squad
  3. individual mistakes from alonso, thiago and James put WBA up 3-0 and individual mistakes by lampard prevented us from coming back and winning the game
  4. Lampard killed the team today when he put Giroud in for Thiago
  5. kova played pretty well as a DM for Madrid
  6. he definitelly did not play as much time centrally as he did on the right wing. not even close to it actually. he did play as a winger
  7. worst player on the pitch today unfortunatelly
  8. I don´t think his price will be cut down in half. And sure he would like to come to chelsea but if another big club comes in willing to pay what west ham wants offering him UCL football and lots of money i don´t think he would keep waiting for chelsea to feel like he is worth what west ham are asking. but i agree we shouldn´t go for him now
  9. Would be good if we could sign someone like Buffon for a short term fix like we did with Silva
  10. He literally just tried to force his way out of Barcelona and you still say this kind of sh*t, People praise Totti or Gerrard for being loyal to their teams but somehow Messi is a coward for spending most of his carreer in Barcelona. Does he really have unbelievable control over the club? Definitelly doesnt seem like it since he wasn´t allowed to leave and bashed the board for not having a plan for the club, but maybe you know things no one else does.
  11. I feel like, other than Hazard, Mata was our best player last decade
  12. Chelsea should hire you. Thanks for the post man don´t be a creep now
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