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  1. If we play an excellent next season as well - I mean why not? - while Real is still stalling why should Haaland exclude Chelsea for his next target? He is extremely ambitious so I think Bundesliga-Bayern isn't head and shoulders above a EPL heavyweight.
  2. Maybe, but imagine either Werner starting to converse more and/or Havertz stepping up his game as expected and/or Haaland entering the show (-> elite striker) I do think Mount would score more as well (mostly assists probably but that wouldn't really matter) or would at least seen as one crucial part of one hell of an offense - no matter his individual stats. I think he (and the whole team) had enough brilliant displays wihtin the 343 that the formation itself isn't the problem imho. Nevertheless I totally agree and really hope that TT gets a 433 on the way next season as well with Mount alongside Jorgi and Kanté. Could be amazing if it works and would immediately help our present forwards tremendoulsy already (and since it's been in the random rumours thread: I can see a Griezmann fully work within that three upfront with Mount behind but that's OT) - question remains about the back four and could be the deal-breaker.
  3. I saw a "stat" somewhere a couple of day ago and there were only a couple of players (about 6 I think) who won CL and the Euro during the same season. And of those four were Chelsea players. Torres and Mata and forgot the other two. Now we have Emerson and Jorgi up there as well. Quite the Chelsea-stat..
  4. Agreed. Think he also run more out of steam the longer the tourney went on - having too play that many minutes with good alternatives on the bench after such a long season for him is on Southgate. Same for Sterling as well btw. Last two games he's been quite anonymous for his standards so I can see where the critic is coming from - especially since he had at least a couple of brilliant scenes in the first games at least. But yea, mostly not the player for such a staid and timid approach Southgate mostly went for.
  5. Wonderful player. Imho we should build our tactics around him and Kanté (Kova). Amazing to have such a supreme midfield at hand!
  6. Best game of him during the euros - still makes me wonder why Chelsea should sign a guy for an absurd amount of money who excels at "parking the bus sides" (what England basically did yesterday after 10-15mins) and who gets subbed off once you actually need a goal? If we hadn't already an excellent cm with Jorgi, Kanté and Kova (Gilmore too in the long run) - then maybe worth it, dunno - or in 2years when the top dogs eventually run out of steam but right now? Hope not.
  7. Don‘t see it at all tbh - can‘t understand the pricetag the least. If you play him alone in front of a b4 while pushing Kante and Kova further forward he‘d need a more than solid passing game - also under extreme pressure. Maybe I missed it big time but that I don‘t see at all in him. the problem to play with a b4 isn‘t Jorgi in front of them but that Christensen/Rüdiger didn‘t look reliable enough when they played it before - maybe they are ready now who knows but Rice wouldn‘t be the solution to that specific problem. Imho he (his profile) isn‘t one for the top clubs - maybe in a Mourinho team but he ain‘t coaching top sides no more either.
  8. I don't get all the bickering but to each their own. Sometimes I think he's more comfortably with the "European" footy style compared to the physical "bullying" in the EPL. Havertz said that (regarding his own perfomances) that there were times he'd be happy that there was a CL game coming up as those were easier for him to play.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me. It was pretty obvious imho that Spain quite often attacked from their left side for large parts of the first half - where one would think the opposite would happen since Emerson really seemed like the weak spot on paper*. At least that's how it seemed to me. Anyway, good for him and his self esteem. * edit: maybe that's due the fact that they tried their luck with sending mostly speedy Chiesa on the (long) run with him losing the ball more often than not hence Spain attacking through their left side.
  10. Christensen and Rüdi are somewhat on the same page for me -> greyzone where I can see them work within an b4 but enough questionmarks left that I remain very sceptic of the whole thing altogether. Isn't Mount playing deeper for England anyway? I can't imagine that he'd be poor alongside Kanté and Jorgi. Like Barella in the Italian squad. He drops deep to help out in the Chelsea build-up already anyway - and with great success given his phenomenal passing range and precision combined with the right mindset and legs to run forever. I'm not as critical of Werner as you are so if he keeps up his input he'd still contribute loads in a 433 - main part would be for the other two attacking players to use that space more clinical. Havertz should step up 1-2 levels to last season as a given - hope he stays injury free. I'm more worried about the third spot actually if Mount plays more centrally. Ziyech remains a sphinx to me and Pulisic..dunno. He seems so patchy with his imho rather fragile form/output. Back to the transfer-thread: if Haaland isn't available this summer I think Griezman wouldn't be that bad as a shout as I thought a couple of weeks ago. Great workrate, good in tight spaces and way better at finishing than Werner but not as pacey. Could be a great front three with Mount right behind.
  11. Agreed about the team being already exciting as is. Was wondering if a 433 with Jorgi/Kanté/Mount in the center could work against low block teams? Of course Rüdiger would have to seriously step up his game re: back four but I wouldn't put it past him - if anybody could get him to work in that system I guess it would be Tuchel. Alongside Thiago and Jorgi in front he'd have plenty of experience next to him to keep him in check (sort of). Because if we get one potential attacking (minded) playing in it should generally be easier for the rest to score as well. I'm not banking on Werner to improve much but Havertz should come good.
  12. Hard to excel in midfield against a well drilled and in form Spain tho - they didn't have just Busquets "running the show yesterday" but also Pedri playing basically a perfect match. They played without any striker so that they could overload and dominate the midfield at will especially with Olmo being everywhere and MotM imho. Also he's organizing each and everything on the pitch - people tend to think players do that because they're lazy or too slow but that's just ignorant. Amazing player, very sublime. Hope he can relax a good deal after the Euro and come back next season to continue alongside Kanté and Kova (and eventually Mount).
  13. I thought he did pretty well considering he hasn't practically played for a whole season. Was actually the only one who was able to pose some attacking threat with his runs in the first half. Could have scored one hell of a goal as well. His long runs were part of the plan I guess so Insigne covering him up there at times hence is mandatory imho.
  14. Haaland by any chance? 🙂
  15. Was surprised to see him in the Italian squad the other day - possible starter today too I guess. Would be funny if he'd win the Euros as a starter after this season.
  16. I disagree. I feel old saying that but imho being 22 is no excuse (nor should be the fact that he's a player at "our" club). Did I do mistakes while being young? Certainly, still do at times of course. But usually you get the feedback you deserve for that and learn by them - excusing most of the stuff you did because you're a spoilt brad ( 😉 ) isn't helping. I'd argue that pro-footballers are briefed about and heavily coached in respect to media/public appearance. In general, treating animals in a respectful manner should be learned as a kid, I'd say around the age of 4-6yo. If he'd been 15yo in that video I'd still have a hard time liking him. Social media is no excuse for me - he's a grown up. But anyway, nothing I would draw out anymore. Just a personal obeservation - since he appeared quite sympathetic once I saw him playing for Dortmund.
  17. I agree in general but the silence is nothing to go by imho - if they sell Haaland this summer they want his replacement signed before the (possible) Haaland deal is through or at least appears that way in the media -> makes the replacement just way more expensive and complicated.
  18. Gotta say I'm having a hard time liking this guy.
  19. Bang average? Bit of an extreme view - he's rather rated highly on his attacking power plus leadership and less because he's good at defending (he's not). Anyway, the point wasn't whether I or you rate Kimmich wc or not but a boatload of people do - at least that's my impression - and I rarely (actually never) hear lots of people say that he'd need to prove himself in another league before being considered an elite player. But I'm outta here now. No point discussin Neymar, Kimmich or whoever in the Hakimi thread - pity we seem to lose out on him. Hopefully CHO steps his game up considerably to play that attacking RWB we definitely are going to need.
  20. Yea, I just copy/pasted that amount from the previous poster (no £-key on my keyboard..). £68,4m for Hakimi is still crazy money ;) I agree with the rest although I think Chilwell has done quite well in the end - a right side with Hakimi and James as a RCB sounded lovely. But I never really get invested into these transfer sagas anymore (same with Haaland).
  21. It's totally offtopic but while the Spurs-Pool final was imho the most boring and embarrassing CL final for a loooong time PSG actually had a very tense fight with that Bayern side everybody seems to rate as one of THE benchmarks - kicking em out one season later as well. I totally agree that it's a weirdly, unlikable run club but they changed manager because of "club politics" (Tuchel <> Leonardo) and downgraded their coaching by quite a margin in the process while Chelsea did the complete opposite. Was Chelsea playing consistently as a "collection of very good players that made up an even better team with a winning mentality" pre Tuchel, did they even do it while he was there? If anything it shows that having worldclass players isn't going to win you anything nowadays if the manager isn't strong and good enough and the squad balanced enough - but that doesn't mean the players are "bad" per se or that this couldn't change quickly. Anyway, Hakimi would have been brilliant for Chelsea and fits quite well into the PSG squad - although I see him much better within a 343 compared to the 433 PSG is playing as he's quite the liability defensivel.
  22. Imagine him and Rüdiger bombing forward alternately from their R/LCB positions taking pot shots and playing long balls. Who knows, if we don't add a certified striker next season they may become our top scorers.
  23. I'd like that French player there - should be the cheapest too. 😄
  24. Yep, world-class players like Marquinhos, Verratti, Mbappé, Neymar with Cavani+Thiago Silva not too long ago - maybe joined by an imho world-class Hakimi soon. They've been to the CL-final with Tuchel, kicked out Bayern Munich last time. But the bias may be strong with you so no need to argue over that.
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