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  1. What are his numbers contributions though? He takes a lot of corners/indirect freekicks and his overall numbers read 1G/4A in 56 PL games. Reece is a dynamic player, but that doesn´t automatically make him a good attacking player. One of the reasons Chelseas struggle to break down deep-sitting teams is the lack of attacking thread from the wings. I think Tuchel views Reece/Hakimi as perfect complementary player. You can play them together in a 3-4-2-1 or it´s simply match-up dependent whether you need a shutdown defender (Reece) or an attacking menace (Hakimi) against a specific opponent.
  2. CHO´s wages are likely too inflated for Dortmund due to the the interest of Bayern Munich, therefore it´s probably Bayern Munich again. Unless you find a model, where Chelsea subsidize some of CHO´s Dortmund wages as part of a Haaland deal. In that case CHO + Abraham as dealmakers for Haaland makes sense for all parties involved.
  3. Hello everybody, Long-time glory hunter reader decided to make an account after the CL victory. As much as I rate Tuchel as one of the best tacticians and in-house talent evaluators, I´m not 100% convinced about his transfer input in the past, whether it´s BVB or PSG. Actually I think this was the perfect situation for Tuchel and Chelsea. He had a set and willing (*cough* Mbappe/Neymar*) squad of high-quality and depth to follow his ideas, thanks to the recent transfer window and youth development. I don´t think Tuchel rates Zouma, but I´d just replace him 1-on-1 with Tomori and
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