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  1. Zappacosta for Azpi when you're 2-0 down in the Cup with 10 minutes to go, must be taking the piss.
  2. Being reported in the Guardian as well, though I know this is Sid Lowe's paper. Seems pretty weird to me.
  3. Nothing wrong with goal poaching. Even tonight there were a few occasions where Alonso/Moses flashed great balls across the 6 yard box with nobody in sight; it's happened a few times in other games like vs Palace. He's an option and I'd love it if Conte took a look at him in pre-season. Not getting my hopes up given our track record with integrating youth however.
  4. I think someone else said it in the matchday forum, but can anyone point to something he's done that's been constructive in the past 2 months? Only the flukey own goal vs Bournemouth, which came from him completely shanking a half volley. He is an actual liability as it stands- doesn't get in the six yard box, can't hold up the ball or link up with the wingers, gives the ball away constantly. Can Michy really be that bad?!
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/mar/23/real-madrid-eden-hazard-thibaut-courtois-chelsea Not good, Sid Lowe is fairly reputable unlike the hacks at the Sun/Mail etc. At the risk of astounding naivety, isn't that basically tapping up? Guess in this day and age it's normal, but then again Real Madrid are coming out of a transfer ban.
  6. It's in Mourinho's DNA to be an antagonist, he finds it difficult to do it any other way. Not always a bad thing of course- we know more than any other club that the 'us against the world' mentality in 2005 produced phenomenal results. However he came back to us as the 'Happy One' which lasted about a week before he was up to his usual mind games, albeit much grumpier this time around. His posturing to Conte and the crowd is just wummery, don't rise to it or give him an excuse to play the victim card (in Brazil so couldn't watch but sounds like a minority singing against him?). Let our football do the talking, support our coach and players first- as has been the case all season.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/BroadcastMoose/status/818149144585965569 Interesting... Ian Abrahams (Moose)‏ @BroadcastMoose Antonio Conte says he wants to keep Ruben Loftus-Cheek at Chelsea - full interview to come later
  8. Hoping for some cracking link up play between Dave and Jeff.
  9. So...how do you pronounce his name?
  10. Wow, he is a truly special talent when he's on form. Makes last season incredibly baffling!!
  11. Just started watching It's Always Sunny... Dear God, how have I not seen this before?! Incredibly messed up but one of the funniest shows I've seen in years, and only halfway into the 2nd series.

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