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  1. We were never that interested in Partey anyway, he was always Arsenal bound. Rice is the DM Lampard wants but we were only ever going to make a move for him during this transfer window in the unlikely event we moved on Jorginho for a decent sum.
  2. Who also wasn't deemed worth keeping around this season. The recruitment this summer is going to have bigger repercussions to the squad than are currently evident I think. We aren't done with recruitment either, I'm convinced we'll be making a move for Rice next summer. We will, and have to, move on 2/3 midfielders to give Lampard a manageable squad size.
  3. With the emergence of Mount and signing of Havertz it's hard to see where RLC fits into our future plans. He's a good talent for sure but the stream of injury have really hampered his development. He's going to be 25 going into next season and likely sees himself behind at least two other players younger than him. Starting to look like his future may lie away from Stamford Bridge sadly.
  4. Failure to move on some of the fringe players puts a slightly diminishes the success of our transfer window. Incoming players, you couldn't have asked for better. Ending the window with 5 centre backs and 3 left backs? Not great is it? I know some international windows are still open, so hopefully we can move on a couple more players within the next couple of weeks but our squad is so bloated now. You could see there being a flurry of activity come January... Can't be sustainable having so many players hanging around on hefty wages. How much per week is it costing just
  5. Tomori set to join West Ham on loan now Rudiger is staying. Drinkwater to be our DM saviour this season.
  6. Taken from the BBC: The thing to remember is that the deadline for international deals which includes between Premier League clubs closes at 23:00 BST tonight, but there is a domestic deadline that is extended until October 16 for deals between Premier League clubs and EFL clubs for loans and permanent deals so there's not necessarily the same level of pressure as you'd normally expect on a deadline day.
  7. As long as the loaning clubs are paying the wages it doesn't really matter. We get continuous income from the loan fees. In the current market there's not many clubs looking to buy and we'd have to sell most players for relatively small fees which negates the point of selling them in the first place.
  8. Apparently it's the fourth time he's joined them on loan from Chelsea.
  9. Christian Eriksen has been made available for loan by Inter Milan putting a few Premier League clubs on alert. Not saying Chelsea should go for him but it's surprising news... Think there will be more than a few takers for him.
  10. Rudiger has rejected a move to West Ham.... Who can blame him.
  11. Fulham are favourites to sign RLC if he leaves on loan. Can't say I see much benefit to that outside of regular football. Fulham are going to be spanked more games than not this season.
  12. Emerson looking likiely to join Juventus on loan with Alonso staying. Moses to Inter looking likely. Rudiger has a pick of 5 clubs apparently. Rhaman choosing between a couple of clubs. Shaping up that we're going to see a flurry of outgoings quite soon.
  13. With a bloated squad of unwanted players from previous managers it's shaping up to be a busy day of outgoings for Chelsea today. Outgoing transfers. most likely loans are needed for Baba Rahman, Victor Moses, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Danny Drinkwater, Marco van Ginkel, Charly Musonda. Plus the future of RLC, Antonio Rudiger, Marcos Alonso and Emerson are up in the air. Bakayoko is set to join Napoli on loan for the season, £4m loan fee, no option/obligation to buy. Inter are sniffing around all Alonso and Emerson and are apparently keen on getting Moses back too. Southamp
  14. I thought we looked much better with Dave back in the RB slot. I do like Reece James but he's quite cavalier with charging forward and he's been caught out high up the pitch on a couple of occassions this season already... All part of the learning curve of course. For now, I would still like to see Dave starting more games than not.
  15. Bayern have resigned Douglas Costa on loan from Juventus so CHO definitely stays at Chelsea. Good. He's shown decent form over the last three games and with games coming thick and fast throughout the whole season and Pulisic's questionable fitness record I think there's plenty of minutes to be had by CHO.
  16. Rio Ferdinand did a good piece of analysis on the United centre backs are week or so ago. Was more a general comment on how the United defenders are getting the basics badly wrong. I reckon Carjacker and Neville will do a deep dive on the defensive wrongs of United and Liverpool after yesterdays games which should be good viewing.
  17. Gary Neville basically having a melt down about how woeful United are right now, which I for one find thoroughly enjoyable. He's digging out everyone and anyone connected to the club.
  18. Ollie sacked by Christmas? I'm sorry but a new left back and Cavani don't fix this team... Sacho? Why would he swap Dortmund for this shower of sh*t?
  19. Spot on from Frank today. Team, selection, tactics, subs.. Everything. Good performance and a great foundation for the next few games. Hopefully after the international break we'll have an almost fully fit squad to choose from as well.
  20. First really solid performance of the season.... And it's now a two week International break.
  21. No pre-season, barely any training days between matches and the majority of signings arrived injured or lacking match fitness. Whoever the manager is would struggle to get things to gel quickly. Reality check on expectations is needed. We've got SEVEN new signings, all of which are basically expected to be first choice more or less so you've got to bed all those players in without much time on the training field to do so, all the while trying to manage their fitness problems. Chilwell arrived injured, Ziyech got injured before the season started, Silva arrived late lacking match
  22. Very different goalkeeping style to Kepa that's evident after just one game. Looked to come off his line to claim crosses and corners more often than not. Kepa very much likes to defend the goal line. Mendy could be prone to letting in goals that look bad because he doesn't claim a cross but I think his more proactive style could see us break away on counter attacks more often.
  23. I can only guess we're trying to free up places so we can sign another midfielder? Wouldn't surprise me if RLC left as well in truth. Only way I can make sense of this transfer.
  24. Liverpool benefiting from lack of signings and a settled squad? Can they cope fitness wise with games coming thick and fast? They don't have a lot of depth.
  25. I think we're going to make a last minute push for Rice and there's going to be a surprise departure on the cards such as Jorginho. That WBA game showed that we'd benefit from having a dedicated defensive midfielder. We're stacked for midfielders but I don't think any of them can properly fulfil that role where the player just sits there and drops into the defence when the fullbacks bomb forward. Latest rumour is a £40m. Maybe a player going the other way to sweeten the deal.
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