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piers morgan at it again


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You can always tell when a sportsman’s arrogance has reached unbearable, boiling-point proportions because they start talking about themselves in the third person.

Thus it was with John Terry, who gave an extraordinary interview in which he said: ‘I’m on a mission and nothing is going to distract me. I want to win the Champions League and Premier League for Chelsea and World Cup for England. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I wouldn’t be John Terry if I felt any differently.’

I actually laughed out loud when I read that. The only mission Terry’s been on recently — that he ought to be ashamed of — is, of course, the mission to seduce his England teammate and best friend Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend.

A mission that has caused terrible damage to the significantly more important mission of improving England’s chances this summer.

Bridge has now pulled out of the squad, unable to deal with the appalling treachery and telling friends that the worst thing about it was Terry hasn’t even said sorry.

Imagine that for a moment. You bed your best friend and former team-mate’s girl, the woman he loves and has a baby with. Yet you don’t even apologise to him when you’re caught.

Instead, you calmly jet off to your gullible wife, who forgives your umpteenth infidelity yet again because she prefers being ‘JT’s wife’ with all the lucrative perks it brings, to not being ‘JT’s wife’. And you tell the world: ‘I’m responding the way I’ve always done — by looking straight ahead. Nobody’s going to knock me off my stride.’

Not a thought for Bridge, not a glimmer of contrition for the hurt and damage he has caused. That takes a special kind of ego, a special kind of selfishness. And he wouldn’t be John Terry if he felt any differently because ‘JT’ always does whatever ‘JT’ wants and sod the consequences for anyone else.

His career record shows us he’s a man who sleeps with who he likes, drinks what he likes, hits who he likes, sells out to who he likes and gambles what he likes.

And the worse he has behaved, the more protective his club have been and the louder Chelsea fans have roared his name.

A few people have tried to persuade me what a decent, misunderstood guy Terry is. One newspaper friend of mine almost welled up at a drinks party last week as he told how kind Terry had been to his young daughter. But the Krays were nice to kids, too.

The truth about ‘JT’ is that he is a pretty unpleasant piece of work, surrounded by even more unsavoury types, who thinks he can get away with anything because everyone of any authority in his life lets him.

Roman Abramovich doesn’t care what Terry does. But why should we expect him to? By Russian oligarch standards, the Chelsea skipper is a veritable choirboy.

But Fabio Capello could yet be the man who finally gives Terry the lesson he deserves — by dropping him from the England squad altogether and inviting Bridge to rejoin it. That would surely be the right way to resolve this, wouldn’t it? Punishing the villain, not the victim?

‘There’s a shirt on my wall at home, the one I wore when I missed that penalty,’ said Terry. ‘It’s there as a daily reminder of what I’m striving for.’

Capello should send him Bridge’s World Cup shirt from England’s training camp in South Africa to stick on the wall as a daily reminder of what he’s missing.

I wouldn’t feel sorry for him. He doesn’t feel sorry for anyone else.


Piers Morgan has once more let loose at chelsea, this time with a scathing attack on JT. He accuses JT of being the reason why Englands world cup bid is looking shaky already, little does he realise that whilst JT hasn't helped team morale before south africa it is people in the media, just like him who are the ones that are causing the real damage. This was a terrible article with no balance, no perspective, facts taken out of context and written by someone with a real agenda. Absolutely appalling.

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I don't know how he's allowed to pedal that kind of rubbish around and call it journalism, but that said you shouldn't get so worked up over these articles or even read them. You know just what to expect from the Mail when it comes to Chelsea. As for Piers Morgan he's just one of those journo's you shouldn't pollute your mind by reading.

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Isnt it amazing how everyone in the press suddenly see Bridge-gate as an opportunity to vent their envious spleens against a rich and succesful sportsman that they barely (if at all ) know. I havent witnessed such a sustained and vicious press campaign since the Beckham witchhunt.

Piers Morgan is an unprincipled odious little rat, caught up in his own web of self importance. Maybe this article was an attempt at writing his autobiography but he got the names wrong lol. Oh no, that cant be the case because hes too grotesque to be able to bed anyone that he hasnt paid for. Plus i doubt he has any friends to be able to cheat on.

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From straight up fabricating facts to generalizing whole cultures....

Theres a reason why, on this side of the pond, Piers Morgan is known as a no talent judge on a reality tv show....and nothing more!

Edit: From coworkers to mates to best friends....at this rate we'll find out next week Bridge and Terry will have the same mother!

How could Terry do that to his Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Lets get a few issues straight here. Wayne Bridge pulled out of the England squad last Thursday to put more pressure on Chelsea FC and John Terry , probably on the advice of some P.R. idiot at Man City in an attempt to disrupt Terry and the club just a few days before Saturdays game. It worked , 1-0 Wayne Bridge , or maybe that should be 1-1. Make no mistake, this was staged , ive absolutely no doubt about that. Maybe i've got it all wrong but theres something sinister about all this and if we suddenly read in the next few weeks 'Bridge reconsiders his decision to quit Englands WC campaign' it wouldnt surprise me one bit.

Secondly, how does Morgan know John Terry hasnt tried to apologise ?

Then he goes on about J.T.'s selfishness , a man who sleeps with who he likes ?? . Is this prick on some sort of medication or drugs that has made him miss the last 20 years ? Erm , right , Eric Cantona shagging Lee Champans missus Leslie Ash, Teddy Sheringham shagging who he likes , Dwight Yorke f***ing prostitutes on a regular basis , a page 3 girl who he left with a child he wont have anything to do with, George Best who beat both wives up and let everybody down including his country but hes still regarded as an icon, role model by everybody associated with the game, Gazza an England hero who drank away his career , beat his wife up a few times and embarassed the country , Stan Collymore who beat women up for fun, Paul Merson who gambled away his family , Tony Adams who got behind the wheel of a car blind drunk and put the lives of people at risk, Craig Bellamy who beat a team mate with a golf club, jesus the list is endless .

But the best bit for me is the following 'But Fabio Capello could yet be the man who finally gives Terry the lesson he deserves — by dropping him from the England squad altogether and inviting Bridge to rejoin it. That would surely be the right way to resolve this, wouldn’t it? Punishing the villain, not the victim?

Very good Mr Morgan . get rid of Terry and be left with one decent centre half , you really thought that through didnt you .

I have a dvd of Morgan on 'Have i got news for you' from the early 90s , Ian Hislop absolutely tore him apart and made him look a total prick , great tv.

John Terry has put his marriage at risk [thats his business] , our chances of another title at risk [thats our business], he's brought un necessary attention and given everybody another reason to hate us but if it wasnt J.T.'s antics , they would find another eventually .

I genuinely felt for Wayne Bridge , my young lad has collected posters of Chelsea players since 2001, Bridge was there and i considered him a huge Chelsea lad and i would always regard him as a top player . I do however feel in the last week or so that he's playing the whole victim thing to his advantage . Im not going to indulge in a 'Wayne Bridge is a c**t facebook group, there are a few there , id be more interested in a 'Craig Bellamy is a two faced prick ' page , all ill say is with people like Morgan around this problem will not go away for some time.

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I dont understand how this pr*t has been allowed to reinvent himself as a sport journalist, travel expert and talent judge. He was the odious sh*t who endangered the lives of British soldiers when editor of the Mirror by publishing obvious fake photos of the squaddies supposedly peeing on "Iraqi" prisoners. He has even been allowed on Question Time and give his opinion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan saying we should think of the soldiers suffering - he wasn't thinking too much of their suffering wheb the photos appeared. The mind boggles - he is such a smarmy supercilious (is that right ?) etc etc.

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Can you respect anyone who hosts a show with sharon osbourne and the hoff??

i think not hes a twat anyway, i wouldnt call what he does journalism, more like hyped up nonsense, you know what they say about giving someone a soap box......................they'll more that likely make a fool of themselves................

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hahah saw that Martin article TWW

I believe Mr Martin was saying Piers might actually be an authorty on egotism. After all, in an article about how egotistical John Terry is, Pier Mogran managed to mention himself no less than 36 times.

hahha Martins articles are usually a good level headed read.

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Martin Samuel ripped this guy a new one for the egotistical twat that he is.

Just like Adrian Durham, he makes his hay off being hated by everyone and only says outlandish sh*t to keep it that way. f**k him

As a Yank I'm not quite up on who's who for British journos, is Martin one of "the good guys"? He's been fairly pro-JT as of late.

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I dont think he is pro JT, but he is just level headed and bases his articles off of experience and common sense, not fake mroal outrage and sensationalism just to sell papers.

He comes in on a wide array of topics and has to be one of my fav sports writers either side of the pond.

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Yeah, I guess it's sad that someone who doesn't write a scathing review of JT's morality I view as "pro-JT"...his Bellamy comments very pretty funny though.

Brit journos have been an eye-opener for me, I hear of this garbage from my friends who live in NYC and Chicago, but I really don't see a lot of this where I live. It's pathetic how many of them can't separate their work from the team they grew up rooting for, and obviously none of them grew up rooting for Chelsea. Even worse is that none of them grew up rooting for a team that's not Liverpool/ Man U/ Arsenal.

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