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  1. No list for me - just one name - Peter Osgood
  2. The bloke has not got a clue - we all know Ivanovic is awful why cannot managers see this ? From back to front it was terrible - only Costa seems interested .
  3. Our local cinema in Penrith shows alternative films on Sunday afternoon - seen some good ones in last 12 months . The Guard with Brendan Gleeson as the local cop on west coast of Ireland - pretty funny The Hunt - Danish film about nursery school teacher wrongly accused of abusing pupil - very haunting What Richard Did - slow moving Irish film about well off lads about to go off to Uni when all goes bad in big way at party The Raid - Indonesian martial arts - not usually my thing but very well done - pretty brutal. Just ordered Cool Hand Luke and The Natural from amazon
  4. Took the missus to see The Guard last week - excellent - Brendan Gleeson on top form

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