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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Ok so you have loved Chelsea all your life, you have seen the ups and downs and the downs and ups (Div 2 a few times!). You have sat in the rain, frozen your butt off in far off places like Grimsby, Geordieland, Tromso, and 3 Point Lane. You have taken abuse from Spurts and Arse friends and relatives and hidden your head in shame at 5-0 defeats, you have cried in your beer or coffee, you have sat in traffic jams on motorways up and down the country, sat in airports at 4 in the morning for a day trip to Spain or Belgium. You have spent small fortunes following this club.

But you have experienced highs that no drug or sex can take you to.

So which is for you? For me it is the FA cup final in 97. No other moment surpasses that for me, not even the league twice feels quite the same. No other prouder moment when Wisey went up to lift the FA cup. When we had to wait from 43 seconds to Eddie Newtons goal at the end of the game. Over and over I watched that moment when I got home from Wemberleeeeeee. Interviews with Hughsie, and Wise and Ruud and Stevie Clarke. Still sends a shiver through me to think of it.

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I was a bit too young for that FA Cup win to be my greatest moment ever - watched it on TV and had a blast, but I was ten, had only been to one Chelsea game at that point, and hadn't learned enough of the club's history to realize just what a big moment it was.

For me . . . well, Liverpool at home on the last day of the season and watching Bolton away on Sky were both fantastic, but my favorite memory is the (first) Barca home game. Just the highest-quality and most exciting game of football I've ever seen, in person or otherwise.

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Well since I haven't been following the team that close until just a few years ago I have to say the best moment so far is winning the league for the first time in 50 years.

But this years win in the final of the Champions League against Liverpool will top that icon_wink.gif

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I would probably go along with the 97 final Lauren. I was utterly sh*t faced at the game and when Robbie scored I was half way down from where I had been standing on my chair since the game kicked off - it then seemed like a good plan to try and leap in the air to celebrate and in doing so totally reverse the direction my body was going in. Doing this drunk makes you a) invincible and :beerfunnel: an uncordinated buffoon - basically I took about 10 people out and I'm sure that the only reason I didn't get a slap was because we had just scored.

I didn't get home till about 3am and I didn't go to work for an entire week as I didn't just lose my voice, I actually damaged some part of my throat or other. As my job at the time involved being on the blower 90% of the time I was pretty much rendered useless (easy one for G4).

Other days which were right up there were being at the Full members Cup Final against City (I was only a lad and it was damn special!!) and the Barcelona game at the Bridge (even though we went out on aggregate - how did you miss Robbie???).

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This season could cap them all though. If we could sneak the league then there is every possibility that in the same season:

1. Chelsea win the title

2. West Ham are relegated

3. Leeds are relegated

4. QPR are relegated

I can sense a Hamlet moment!

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My biggest downer was when Sexton sold Osgood. I was devastated cause i was only about 9 years old . It was like my entire world collapsed .

At that time , it was as if people like Osgood would go on forever and i remember my dad trying to explain to me all about transfers and that they did exsist and players move away eventually. Shattered .

I suppose my biggest thrills were of course the 97 Cup final , i shut a few people up . I actually missed the goal , i was in the bloddy toilet in the pub trying to explain to a couple of idiots how i became a Chelsea fan .

Next up would be Sparkys goal v Liverpool at the Bridge in the cup , amazing turn with back to goal and when we eventually won the game you could hear me on the other side of the world.

Champions league win v Barca and that memorable game i was lucky to be at. I travelled over without a ticket but got one from an American who i eventually convinced his friend wasnt turning up. icon_lol.gif

Winning the Premiership in 05, was a massive moment for the whole family here . I remember spending the whole evening on the phone trying to get somebody to work for me that night and eventually got lucky.

We ended up watching Match of the Day in a pub getting strange looks from everybody but i didnt give a rats arse. It was a case of , ''Yes were Chelsea fans and bloddy proud of it ''

Winning it again in 06, that was an amazing feeling because i was able to shout from the rooftops '' BACK TO BACK '' Were legends now ''

Signing Rudd Gullitt , that was an exciting moment and i remember the day he signed , i was like a 2 year old on Xmas day.

My first Chelsa poster for my bedroom wall . It was the famous F.A. Cup winning team poster and my mam and dad bought it for me for my birthday . I remember inviting all my friends around to look at it .

If i bought my young lad just a Chelsea poster for his birthday i know what he'd say ''Thanks dad , i love it , now wheres the match tickets ''.

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Best moment? For me it was seeing Chopper Harris collecting the FA Cup at Old Trafford in 1970. That was also the best Chelsea team I've ever seen - Bonetti, Harris, Webb, Dempsey, McCreadie, Hollins, Cooke, Houseman, Baldwin, Osgood, Hutchinson - and not forgetting Hinton as sub!

Also, winning at Maine Road in the ECWC semi-final 2nd.leg to get through to the final against Real Madrid in 1971.

Lowest moments? Got to agree with clubhappy, I can still remember the pain I felt at the sale of Peter Osgood, and to this day I've never forgiven Dave Sexton. He sold Ossie and Alan Hudson purely because he didn't possess the man-management skills needed to deal with the situation - the git! PDT_bur2.gif

Losing to Stoke in the League Cup Final - my first and only Wembley game.

Losing at Spuds in April 1975, and consequently getting relegated. Terrible time, but it was only Eddie Mac's 4th game in charge, and he went on to bring through some excellent youngsters as we returned to the 1st.Division within 2 years. Went up to WHL for the game, but was locked out along with thousands of other Chelsea fans - Spuds fans attacked the vastly outnumbered Chelsea fans that made it inside the ground. That made revenge all the sweeter in the following years PDT_kar.gificon_wink.gif

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Loz I was at the Full Members Cup against City 5-4 and it was looking scarey :beerfunnel:

Reading 'A Serious case of the Blues' last night I'd forgotten a weird fact about that final: both teams played a Div1 match the day before! Chelsea at Soton and ManC v ManUre! Shows what a prestigious competition that was. Only 5 Div 1 teams entered it.

My happiest moments as a Chelsea supporter are, in no real order:

1970 Final - Hutch's equaliser

1970 Ossie's equaliser, then Webb's winner

1978, 1982 and 1997 FAC wins v L'pool

1984 Clinching promotion 5-0 v Leeds

2004 Bridgey's winner v Arse

2005 Beating Barca 4-2 - JT's winner

The title wins and the 1997 final weren't quite as orgasmic moments for me because I just knew we'd win v Boro, Bolton and manUre, and success just seemed assured. It wasn't the same back in 84 when getting back to the top flight could never be taken for granted - and we did it in in real style.

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Best Moments: Agree with Bluebeard being at OT to see Chelsea lift the FA Cup in 1970.

Also waiting 27 years for it to happen again, and the only time I've been asked to leave my local for dancing on the table & chairs, I was totally ratfaced by that time!

Worst Moment:Whan we sold the "King of SB" and one year ago when he got transferred to that team above!!

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Great shout Lauren.

Best moment for me was winning the FA cup for the first time in 1970. I was watching the game in my mum and dad's front room whilst they were out on the town.

When Webbie scored the winner I punched the air with all my might - and landed my fist smack bang in the middle of my old dears chandelier. It was a classic Only Fools chandelier moment. I spent the remaining few minutes of the game sitting amongst broken glass with blood pouring from my knuckles.

Worst moment was when Spuds beat us in the 1967 final especially as I lived and went to school in North London surrounded by gooners and spududon'tlikes. 2nd worst was when we lost in the league cup final to Stoke as I was on a school football tour with the very same group of vermin.

Oh yeah, the 3rd worst moment was when my old dear's got back from their night on the town and saw the carnage from my celebration!!

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One of my very first happy Chelsea moments was this one:


I just remembered feeling so low, and distraught at half-time. We had some friends round at the time, who were'nt really 'Football fans', but were interested in knowing what Chelsea were about, as me and my dad have followed them.

I remember feeling so embarresed at half-time, and so very proud after the final whistle. Almost had tears of joy.

26 January 1997

Chelsea 4-2 Liverpool

Liverpool raced into an early two-goal lead, but thanks to goals from Hughes, Zola and a Vialli brace it was to be a Blue day.

With Liverpool travelling south to Stamford Bridge in this Fourth Round tie nine years ago, expectations were high from two teams playing with absolute attacking intent.

No one quite expected what was to happen next however, with six incredible goals confirming this meeting amongst the classic FA Cup encounters of recent memory.

Who else but Robbie Fowler opened the scoring and when Stan Collymore doubled the advantage shortly after, it looked like mission impossible for Ruud Gullit and his team.

The Dutch master proved his tactical mettle with devastating effect, bringing on Mark Hughes with an immediate return. Sparky got Chelsea back into the game with a typically defiant strike, before the diminuitive Italian Gianfranco Zola scored one of the all-time great goals to level the scores.

It was the Blues' other Italian striker, Gianluca Vialli, who completed the victory with two cooly taken goals and send Chelsea through and on course to lift the trophy with victory over Middlesbrough.

I have to say though, the Barca 4-2 match was the best game i have ever seen a Chelsea side involved in. Both teams were amazingly good on the night, and the first 15mins were breathtaking. No other word could describe it.


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Being younger than some of you oldies, my favourite memories are more recent....

The BEST ever game that I went to was against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. It was the last game of the season and it was a battle for fourth spot. It was also Zola's last game in Chelsea colours and he dummied Carragher 3 times in a row near the corner flag.... brilliant. We went 1-0 down which saw us fight a brilliant battle and win 2-1. I got absolutely hammered that night with my dad and his friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Other than that, I guess the Bridgey goal against Arsenal in the Champions League and, obviously, winning the league back in 2005.

I would love to have been there for the games in the 70s and for the tough times of the 80s, etc, but, due to age, I have missed out! I am sure that by the time I am in my 40s, I would have witnessed some ups and downs the same as the rest of you!

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My two biggest highs:

1. When Sparky scored that volley against Vicenza, Cup Winners' Cup semi-final second leg.

2. When Bridge scored against Arsenal and we'd bundled them out of the Champs' League.

two good shouts there. For me, there is the FA Cup with Robbie D's screamer. Scoring against le Arse in the CL, and then lifting the EPL title for the first time, then going through to the presentation party against Charlton.....knees up muvva braaahn

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