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I have a Canon 450D which I bought a few years back and it's given me some great photos. It came with a 50mm lense. I later bought a 300mm camera which is great for when I want to take pictures of wildlife, planes and cars. There are so many lenses out there and which ones you buy is dependent on the type of photographs to take. A wide-angle lense would be handy for taking big landscape photos. A 70mm to 250mm lense would be handy for mixing landscapes, pictures of people and close-ups of people.

Lenses rather than bodies tend to be the most expensive.


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Got rid of my dslr years ago because carrying it around is a nightmare on trips.

So about 3 years ago i started looking into the compact cameras, the best is the Sony RX100 range, now on mark 6, but any of them are great cameras for travelling or learning especially, you have to work your way around the software, that's where the learning curve begins, the mark 4 is a brilliant camera, everything you need in a camera, 4k video, Slog2 (cinematic looking videos) and tons more features, and because they just brought out the mark 6, the mark 4 is even cheaper now.

Dont take my word for it, go read the reviews.

I use this website for reviews and forum https://www.dpreview.com/

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On 21/09/2018 at 10:34, Blueblur said:

I'm in the same boat, @Zeta

I am going to Cambodia and Singapore in a couple of months and I am thinking of buying a decent camera with a lens etc, but not sure what to get.

Camera nerds, come on! Help us. 

see above post, get this camera, with a couple of power banks and batteries, and as many 64gb 100mb/s (u3) sdxc cards as you can afford. You have time  to learn the camera if you take it with you everywhere and use it when you have time, its a pocket camera remember.

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52 minutes ago, moi said:

@coco  Your grandson is very handsome!  I bet he inherits that from you!! How wonderful to be able to have such personal memories on video.

Thanks, sure is. i have made quiet a few videos, getting better at them now, i hope the grand kids treasure the in years to come.


e2a: good looks are from another gene pool not mine :biggrin:

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3 minutes ago, Valerie said:

And here I was thinking it must mean something like 'between you and me'. Let's move into an old people's madhouse together, moi.

No, no, no @Valerie you've got it all wrong.  It's these youngsters that should be in the madhouse.  You and I will live in elegant style in the old folk's SANEhouse!

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A sanehouse doesn't sound fun at all, rather boring in fact :ohmy:

This thread has reminded me I have to get a memory card for my tablet before I go on holiday next week, for the few photos I take when I can be bothered to take them :rolleyes: I find holidays incredibly more relaxed without a camera. Unless of course I can post a picture that makes you all very envious :biggrin:

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