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Makelele vs Kante

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So with all the absolute doom and gloom and constant arguing on here I thought I’d make a happier topic so I can at least read something lighthearted when I read the forum.

so as the topic says who would you choose if you could have only one in the Chelsea XI 

Please before anyone starts arguing and dick measuring with me for this topic “ dumb thread Kante is not a DM” I realise they are not carbon copies of each other.

but in a 3 man midfield who is/was the more effective/better player. You can argue makelele was more limited attacking and you could also argue a lot better defensively. 

So who ?! 

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In a 4-3-3, or like it says 3 man midfield, it's hard to argue since our deepest player needs to tell people where to go and to have a lot of touches with the ball, something that Kante didn't try much to do yet.
Having that in mind I would choose Makelele.

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Maka was truly world class and made that position his own.  We had the likes of Terry, Lampard, Cech, Drogba, Ballack and Essien in our team but Maka was by far our most important player.  Protected the back line and his defensive skills meant the likes of Lampard and Essien and Ballack could move forward without any major risk.  He didn't need to offer anything going forward as that wasn't his job.

Still love Kante though, and just like Maka was back then I think Kante at his best is our most important player.

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