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Tuchel tactics so far.


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Think he's playing an interesting combo of Conte and Sarri so far. I've enjoyed, that we still build like Sarri, with a nice tempo, but have some of the final third play of Conte in the 3-4-2-1.

Our 3-4-2-1 selections etc, looks to me to be a rotated 4-3-3 when he starts, Dave as right back tucks in, pushes the two centers two the left and the left back up the field, with CHO would be a right winger pulling back. In a way it seems designed to be asymmetrical, as Dave still pushes forward more than Rudiger.

Also worth mentioning and watching is primarily he has played one attacking winger and one outside back as the wing backs, but has the flexibility two go two outside defenders or two wingers in that role really changing our style. Just odd to think the Pulisic and Alonso have already played the same position so far in his tenure. I think all of these early wide balls and switches we've been getting will really open up the middle once our players get a touch more comfortable in this system. Also seems very flexible to simply rotate into a 4-2-3-1 at points without any real personnel changes.

Any other thoughts?

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We have dominated the first 2 games and in this most recent one we could have scored 2-4 goals more as well. It was interesting to see Ziyech played more centrally and then Pulisic roaming more in the second game as well.

The next game is a real test, let's see if we are still vulnerable to counter attacks.

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Quite impressed so far, I like the control we have had in games, and i think the last time we had this sort of control was the second half against Leeds. 

Good early signs, but im not getting carried away yet, Tuchel has still barely been through the door, so I think there is a great amount of training that needs to be done before you can really say it is a Tuchel side. 

The things ive noticed which have been good is the gap in between midfield and defence has been much tighter, and we havent looked vulnerable in transitions at all really. 

The press has also been more of a coordinated effort, we have seen it work at times in the last 2 and half seasons, and we have seen it look completely disjointed, and it has allowed teams to cut through us with ease. 

All good so far, but with bigger tests to come. 

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Showing great pro-activism, half time substitutions, and the ability to change formation by employing a fluid playing team, i'm impressed and looking fwd to see him getting the team firing, the familiarity of Tuch's method will be interesting 8/10 so far

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He used a back 4 at PSG and Dortmund, it seems like he's using 3-4-3 for the same reason why Lamps used it for a while too, because we have the components for it. After a transfer window or 2 I expect the formation to change but who knows, it's too early to say.

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