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Team Jersey's and bloody yanks!!!


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We've got some great posters on this site from all over the world and as long as they agree with me their opinions are always welcome and often entertaining but one thing I can't stand are when people from other parts of the world try to change the language of football (and it's usually you American's). We don't have Jersey's we have football kits, and no decent side has ever had an offense, we have an attack.

That's it for me, thanks for listening.

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'And he's struck a powershot right into the upper 90.'

Genuine and genuinely upsetting.

'Created a neat play' is another one I don't like, along with the the concept of 'quarterbacking' with the context of 'our' football. You do not 'quarterback' a move in football.

Having an American girlfriend exposes you to a lot of 'interesting' sporting phrases, but she is a big Chels fan now, and loves all the songs, so I can't complain!

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here's a cheatsheet for you Yank newbies...

America = jersey

UK = shirt

America = uniform

UK = kit/strip

America = alternate uniform

UK = change strip

America = cleats

UK = boots

America = spikes

UK = studs

America = manager

UK = gaffer

America = trainer/doctor

UK = physio

America = speed

UK = pace

America = fast

UK = pacey

America = schedule

UK = fixtures

America = standings/rankings

UK = table

America = injury

UK = knock

America = field

UK = pitch

America = great

UK = brilliant

America = zero

UK = nil

America = shutout

UK = clean sheet

America = goalie

UK = keeper

America = fight

UK = row

America = team

UK = club

America = fan

UK = supporter

America = health/healthy

UK = fitness/fit

America = tie

UK = draw

America = game

UK = match/tie/fixture

America = ejection

UK = expulsion

America = error

UK = howler

America = huge

UK = massive

America = bunny/gimmie

UK = sitter

America = scum

UK = Liverpool

America = c*nts

UK = Sp*rs

America = old drunkard

UK = Sir Alex Ferguson

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Pet hates include:

"It's time xxxxxx stepped up to the plate." A term that has nothing to do with football but is increasingly used by pundits. I did like the twist put on it by someone:

"He stepped up to the plate, and ate the bloody lot!" Better, much better.


"It'll go down to the wire."

Which wire exactly? Earth? Neutral? 300.gif

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