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Kalou scores a stunner


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Well he does run defences for us, and does it pretty well IMO. It's his finishing that is questionable in Chelsea. In many occasions, this and last season, he would go trough one or two players to send the ball behind the goal or would not even be able to pull the shot before running out of space.

It's really nice to see him score that kind of goal for his country, I just hope he can do it quickly for us as well. Well at least he has a good number of years left in him to do it, unlike that other guy that plays as a striker icon_rolleyes.gif

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Just watched the second half - it was indeed a stunner - why can't he do that for us! When he gets back maybe.

I think it is different facing ugly looking mean british defenders with legs like two oak trees than these small nigerian defenders.

The goalie was really stunned there as well. He obviously couldn't even move after Kalous run since he just stood in the middle of his goal and still Kalou put it in the middle.

Maybe this tournament is good for Kalou. Maybe he comes back as this goal scoring machine and helps us win the title against Manure. woohoo.gif

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Great goal, and thanks for the upload (or the link!) - it's definitely nice to keep track of our players in the ACN :)

Quoted from Skysports for those that can't see the link at work, or whatever:

Salomon Kalou then put The Elephants ahead on 66 minutes with a stunning solo goal. The Chelsea forward picked up possession 30 yards out and showed nimble footwork to jink his way past three defenders, before coolly stroking the ball home from inside the area.
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Just watched the second half - it was indeed a stunner - why can't he do that for us! When he gets back maybe.

What are you talking about. He does!!!

You might of not actually have seen him do it but just check out his stats..............

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so now i guess we root for Mali to upset Nigeria this Friday. if that happens, and we assume Ivory Coast will crush Benin, then Mali will advance along with Ivory Coast, and Nigeria are out. which means we will certainly get Mikel back after their final group game on January 29. wouldn't be ready to play against Reading the next day, but back that weekend for a pretty important league match at Pompey.

odds are slim on that Mali will win, but we can hope.

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Can't wait to have him back. With the form our players have at the moment, even with the numbers we have missing.







Finaly a pretty nice line-up (well even with Terry, Lamps, Sheva and Ballack missing)

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