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The youths


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That was a great result by the young players of the club. Hopefully they can bring home the youth cup when they play Manchester City Youths in the final. I also hope that the players that have played in the cup will go on to play for the full professional side, either next season or beyond.

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fantastic game. villa are known as the best youth set up around at the moment, and we took them apart at times. defending was a bit suspect at times, but going forward we are a joy to watch. once again kakuta iwas the standout player, alongside tajera (spelling?) and lee sawyer till he got a red. cant wait till the final. and in all honesty, after the final whistle went i wasnt that bothered about the spurs result.

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Isnt the final a two legged affair ? If so it would be great to get a good crowd at SB.

This really is very warming news , congrats to all involved.

yep, two legged.

I watched the game- we did really well... it's a big thing to reach the fa youth cup final, it seems to me that when a team makes the final it is like putting a marker down: generally one or two players at least go on to make the first team squad. obviously harder with us but there are a lot of promising players there.

tejera looked really smart and of course kakuta seems to be emerging as the jewel- for me maybe he needs to develop a little more physically, but aside from his obvious talent he looks quite polished / rounded as a footballer already, I daresay more than sinclair even.

both red cards were the same really- miscontrol followed by lunges to keep posession.

first time for us since '61 apparently... which was, I think, the players of tambling's generation.

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they havent finalised a date yet. surprisingly as the fa are involved, it seems to be pretty much made up. city won their semi 8 days ago. and why is a final over 2 legs? surely a final is the FINAL!!! the clues kinda in the name.

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there a very eclectic mix of european and english in the main. the main players are gael kakouta - french, miroslav stoch - slovakia, captain nana ofori - english, morton nielsen - danish. the other stand out for me in this run was frank nouble - english 16 year old monster of a player. he has the pysique of a middle weight boxer and pace of a sprinter.

find t more info here http://www.chelseafc.com/xxchelsea18070 ... myProfiles

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