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It's JT!


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i know that valerie but after the crap hes taken this week, it`ll be nice to shove it in a few faces.

You may laugh at me, but I knew Capello would give him the armband. Although the Press have vilified JT for his tears on Wednesday, the passion and distress he showed would have struck a chord with Capello. I'm sure he'd prefer a skipper with some real emotion and JT ran the gamut in the CL final. He also had a bloody great game, which would not have gone unnoticed by FC. Stepping up for the pen also took balls. All of that would have been in JT's favour, I think.

But even if I'm wrong - and I often am icon_lol.gif - I am sure the confidence boost will be just what JT needs.

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Look, JT was always first choice. Or that's what I believe. If you had to choose, say, a race driver for your race team, and had Michael Schumacher circa 2005 or 2006, Ralf Schumacher, David Coulthard ( icon_lol.gif ) and someone or other to choose from, who would you try first, and who would you try last? Michael Schumacher would not even need to be tested. He's the firm choice, except you wanted to see if there was a chance anyone could perhaps at a given moment do better, so you'd try the others out first. Then on the final test day you let the chosen one have a go and say, yup, he's still the best; the job's his.

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How perfect. Ought to get his spirits up. This morning on sky the odds for Terry to score the opener- 20/1 shoulda placed a bet.

yes you should, and you should have bloody told us too.... icon_lol.gif

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Isn't it annoying to see in every article about the preview for this game, or the aftermath, a comment about john terry missing the penalty. Whether it's John Terry will be captain after missing a penalty that would have seen Chelsea be champions league winners to John Terry scored the first goal after missing a penalty.

Give us a break, it's tragic enough as it is.

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