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Remembering Hutch


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Ian Hutchinson died six years ago today.

Norman Hunter couldn't stop him but sadly illness eventually did in 2002.

He led the Chelsea front line like a ferocious warrior - an attitude and bravery put into words by Chopper who said of him "If you got a ball down the line, he was so brave. He used to go where other players feared to go. He was a 110% player."


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I saw him play a fair few times, in between his all too frequent injuries ... great player, great character, all time footballing as well as Chelsea legend. Also Ossie's best mate:

He was my best friend. He was the best man at my three weddings and I was best man at his two.

If you haven't done so yet, I'd strongly recommend you read Ossie: King of Stamford Bridge

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When we were kids playing on the street , 3 of us were Chelsea fans, two of us called Ian , always a row over who would be Hutchinson when we'd pretend to be Chelsea . If there were jerseys with names on the back at that time i'd have had Hutch or Ossie without a doubt.

Be nice to see more fottage of Hutch as a player , all i have are an old video of Chelsea history and the last Chelsea history dvd released has none.

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I watched Hutch many, many times. Chelsea to the core and his throw-ins were as good as corners!

Hutch, Ossie, Houseman...Matthew Harding has a great line-up for his Chelsea team in the sky.

Ken...as good as corners? Most of the time they were better...more accurate, caused more havoc and drop just in the right place.....could have done with Hutch now. Drogba would make Ronaldo's 42 last year look like child's play if had Hutch;s long throws :huh:

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Brave, brave man. Some of the tackles he copped where X rated. One of my top 5 players. Who's the player doing the Hutch throw in's at the moment?

Can't think what team it is but rekindled memories of that massive throw of his and the whirling arms. Great memories. RIP Hutch.

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Grew up adoring Hutch n Ossie, was fortunate to meet them both on a few occasions.

On one such meeting i got Ian to sign a picture of him gliding past some poor defender, as he signed the photo he also added a little aside to the print, writing ''see you !'' above the player he was beating, pure class.

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