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  1. Match day at last.Been looking forward to welcoming Frank home.Early train so extra beer time.Tough game expected.Whatever the result.....UP THE CHELS !
  2. Really looking forward to going Sunday.We are playing well,but Leicester are no mugs.Franks proper home coming,atmosphere guaranteed.....UTC !
  3. Proud of that performance and excited by our play.Losing on pens is never nice ,especially to them.Not sure about women officials at this level,aren't they better at ironing lol.Kante was superb on his return.....UTC !
  4. Stop all this negativity and remember it's the dippers,let's stuff em.....UP THE CHELS !
  5. Match day at last.No idea of the outcome but excited to see Frank lead the team out.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  6. So much positivity on here,I like it.....UP THE CHELS !
  7. Superb second half,goodbye Eden and thank you.....UTC !
  8. Come on Chi,cheer up mate.Match day.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  9. Some of the fickle,whingeing stuff on here compared to our fantastic away support,embarrassing !
  10. Spot on mate.M O M our fantastic away support,take a bow.
  11. What a shame Burnley won't be relegated.Anti football is being kind.Barnes is a total arsehole and Friend fell for every time wasting trick.When they finally go down,and they will,I for one won't miss them.UTC !
  12. Nothing new there Dean.You win some,you lose some .....UP THE CHELS !

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