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  1. Poor performance,horrible result,sh*t happens.....UP THE CHELS !
  2. Match day and another London derby,whatever the line up.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  3. That will do,talk about a game of two halves,great changes Frank,bravo.Very good goal from Barkley and two great saves from Schimichel.....UP THE CHELS !
  4. Good to be back,the crowd noise was unrealistic,Villa are never that loud lol,should and could have been a lot more,but hey ho.Missed our loud away support,UTC !
  5. I like yorkleyblues posts,to each his own I suppose.....UTC !
  6. Great performance,Everton were bossed from start to finish,superb goals and the Billy the kid run the show.....UP THE CHELS !
  7. Match day,whatever the team we can manage to put out.....COME ON YOU BLUES !
  8. Goodbye Dippers,super BILLY had your number,off to get pissed on a Tuesday.....UP THE CHELS !
  9. Match day,please beat the horrible dippers......COME ON YOU BLUES !
  10. Frustrating,74 per cent possession,23 attempts away from home,and only a point,oh well.....UP THE CHELS !
  11. I hate losing but sometimes you just have to hold up your hands,well played Bayern.....UP THE CHELS !
  12. Let's just enjoy it,nobody gave us a chance in the final,you never know
  13. Everybody happy ? Great performance and a very flattering scoreline for them,VAR needed for a tackle like that ? ,piss off ! Time for a good few sherberts,altogether now" We hate Tottenham",UP THE CHELS !
  14. Match day,smash those horrible Spuds,COME ON YOU BLUES !

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