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  1. Just googled the seeding for next season. What are the chance we get Real Madrid, InterMilan plus a November trip to Moscow ?
  2. With have to sack this c***. He’s been a train wreck. Sack him for no other reason than last Monday FA Cup holders 0-2 down with 10 minutes to go and he subs a defender for a defender The guy is a clueless Ciggy Butt chewing tosses. Should have been Sacked Monday Night.Today will be another humiliation best I think we might get is a 0-3 defeat but could be more.
  3. Well pleased with today’s results beating Leicester and the draw. It’s great we’ve avoided Spurs, I hate being near that vile club with their delusional racist scumbag fans. Really hope United beat them,whilst I don’t want to lose a Final ever it would be easier to United than the Scum from Three Point Lane. God they’ve got home advantage but it won’t stop them moaning and being bitter twats.
  4. Great result today the boys did good. It’s been a troubled season but we’ve reached the semi final of both domestic cup hopefully we get to the Cup Final. Can’t see us getting Champions League,we are tooup & down with our form. We need a massive rebuilding in the summer. So glad we didn’t getting the Scum from Norf London in the semiand So hope United beat them. COYB

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