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  1. Old White sh*t Lane or New White sh*t Lane it’s always Three Point Lane to the Pride of a London. The only negative today was it should have been 0-4. Agent Jose working his magic, once a Blue always a Blue Hoddle know's were he can stick his big club.They ain't even a Big Club in Norf London lets be honest Arsenal, Arsenal Reserves and Arsenal Ladies are in front of them. Lets be honest we have to accept there is a racism problem in football and society. Every club has moron fans. At Chelsea we have our share, one of biggest critics and Tottenham fans, it’s sad but Tottenham fans are without question almost the worst. But even the media love in with them can no longer hide how vile their fans are. Their Racsit and homophobic treatment of Sol Campbell over the years. Banana throwing at Arsenal player. For once I’m happy that our wonderful club isn’t being dragged through the gutter.
  2. Just googled the seeding for next season. What are the chance we get Real Madrid, InterMilan plus a November trip to Moscow ?
  3. With have to sack this c***. He’s been a train wreck. Sack him for no other reason than last Monday FA Cup holders 0-2 down with 10 minutes to go and he subs a defender for a defender The guy is a clueless Ciggy Butt chewing tosses. Should have been Sacked Monday Night.Today will be another humiliation best I think we might get is a 0-3 defeat but could be more.

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