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  1. It’s a shame the young loanees aren’t eligible for this one. heres my team to rest all that have played a lot and or will be crucial for the final. willy zappa Christensen cahill alonso kovacic drinkwater barkley Willy2 higuain pedro Would be great to get 3rd but can’t see Sarri putting coming above spuds before any edge he can get for the final, and he has my total support in that. given above team or similar can’t see a Chelsea win.
  2. How good was Ruben today, has really added some grit to his game, put in a lot of tackles as well as carrying the ball so well. Some good performances second half, a noticeable lift in determination and tenacity in the tackles allowed us to then play better football. Thought the much maligned Higuain and Kovacic we’re both better today. Alonso didn’t stink. Was nice not having the frustrating presence of Willian on the pitch, Pedro was quiet first half but part of the improved 2nd, has found a bit of form again after looking awful a few weeks ago. I can smell the champions league, if Brighton can nick a draw we’re there.
  3. I had a look at Watford’s home and away this season, 7 defeats for both, so not particularly worse on the road. Kovacic and Higuain don’t exactly fill confidence in the goals. Understand why he might need to rest RLC and bring him in later but hopefully Pedro or Alonso can pop up with a goal, or Haz of course. Come on Chelsea, surely we can’t bugger this up!?
  4. Classless dippers really annoying me booing Haz. The cheating diver is in their ranks.
  5. This is possibly the worst 11 we’ve put on the pitch since pre Roman era (and I don’t mean Abramovich)
  6. The fact that every single one of us knows for a fact that an attack featuring Willian and Pedro carries no threat surely means they should not be at Chelsea any longer. Thanks for your service but please don’t be there next season.
  7. One man stood out today, his balance is incredible, take a bow....Jamie Carragher.
  8. It seems RLC not 100% after Brighton, he is going to be very important in the run in so I think* he will be the only change with Barkley stepping in and RLC available for the last 30 if we’re trying to break them down. Think then he’ll change more for Europa with Willy etc getting a go. *think or hope?
  9. The guy is pure class in press conferences. Is honest and open but respectful.
  10. Just flown in from Sydney in time for this. Super excited to be back at the bridge up in the shed end for this one. Agree Pedro for Willian no brainer on current form and recent travel. Barkley could start ahead of Kovacic as more rested but I reckon either way one will replace the other during the game, as with Morata and Giroud. Did Luiz go to Brazil? If not I doubt Sarri will change the back 3 1/2. Just need an early goal to make sure I don’t feel the jet lag.

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