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  1. Norwegian Dude

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Maybe, not really sure. But since Conte is only considering top jobs he may just as well see out the final year of his contract instead. And also Napoli/Ancelotti have reached an agreement for him to manage three seasons starting with the 2018/19-season. So that raises the question of when does that season start? Does pre-season count or is it the first official match? I am pretty sure it is specified in the contract between the parts, media suggests he will officially start June 1st since that when his Bayern-contract ends, but it seems like Napoli have not breached the contract between them and Sarri yet. But i am on bit of thin ice here, so don't trust me 100% on this. It is only how i think it works, don't know for certain.
  2. Norwegian Dude

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Not sure how it works to be honest, but I think they can keep him as long as they honour their part of the contract and decides he don't have to honour his part. Anyways, he seems to still be under contract and he hasn't been officially been sacked yet. The official home page of Napoli only mention that the president thanks him, which many people believe it his goodbye to Sarri. And it most likely is, but again he hasn't been sacked. It seems like Napoli want some sort of compensation from us.
  3. Norwegian Dude

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Because he hasn't been sacked yet, he is just been removed as Head Coach. Since he is still under contract, Napoli wants a fee/compensation. https://twitter.com/SiPhillipsSport/status/1000087543378046977
  4. Norwegian Dude

    Riyad Mahrez

    It would have been hilarious hadn't it been that the AFCON has been moved to the summer break (june/july) starting with the next one which is in 2019.
  5. Norwegian Dude

    Fernando Llorente

    Gonna a go a bit off topic and answer this. Why would we be looking for a replacement or an extra for those two players though? Neither of them seems to be going anywhere and both have shown that they are capable of playing very good in that position. We don't need 3 players for that position either, and if we buy someone new then one of these two gotta leave. No way Pedro/Willian is going to accept being 3rd choice when they can easily be 1st choice at other clubs that are not too far off CFCs level. Not saying there aren't better players out there, because it is. But I think there are other positions that needs more focus. Either an upgrade or better backup at both wingbacks and a midfielder should Matic be sold (which seems likely too happen). If we should be looking at "wings" it should be a cover for Hazard on the other side. But as I understand many people want to see Musonda get a shot at that role.
  6. Norwegian Dude

    Chelsea Kits for the 2017/18 season

    It probably will be. The last few years Nike have made the exact same 3rd kit for almost every team, just with minor differences when in comes to colours. An example is the template where the end of the sleeves were black.
  7. Norwegian Dude

    Andrea Conti

    And as I said, maybe Sandro is happy staying and don't want to force a move away but at the same time wouldn't mine the chance to talk to other top clubs showing their interest. As I also said maybe the bids they have received doesn't match their expectations of 'significant bid'. I know that he could force a move, I'm just arguing that it is possible he doesn't want to force anything cause he is happy and if he leaves he want it to be on good terms. Okay, so I have to watch what happens to get proof from you while I have to prove my sh*t now? Also, i don't trust journalists in general. My last sentence was just to argue the same way you do, I have no ide whether he'll come or not and that's also why i don't claim things. But yeah, since you can't proof sh*t yourself I am not going bother to argue anymore about this.
  8. Norwegian Dude

    Andrea Conti

    But how do you know he isn't pushing for it? Handing in a transfer request is pretty serious stuff and makes the player look bad in the eyes of an employer. For all we know he have said to Juventus that he would like to talk with Chelsea, and they said no. It could also be so simple that he is happy to stay but wouldn't mind to transfer to another club. As long as he isn't unsatisfied i don't think he will hand in a transfer request. It is also possible that he and Juventus has an agreement that they would stand in his way as long as they get a bid worth x millions, and that Chelsea are not willing to pay that much. Again, why does other people have to prove stuff but not you? You haven't proved sh*t yourself. But to argue your way: I think Sandro wants to join us. Happy to admit I'm wrong if you can prove otherwise.
  9. Norwegian Dude

    Andrea Conti

    Why does he need to bring the proof? You are the one claiming to know what the player wants, so in my eyes it is you who need to prove what you claim.
  10. Norwegian Dude

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    If the situation does change in the next month i'll be joining you and the others that are complaining about the window. With the current history of our transfer windows i understand that people is worried that history will repeat itself, however i think we shouldn't judge the window prematurly. Even if the board have done a sh*t job before, they should always be given the benefit of doubt in the start of each window. And yes, the earlier the better for new signings but i think they should be given towards the end of July to prove themself and after that people kan complain if they aren't happy. But to judge them after a week and call this a bad window is for me impossible to understand. And even though last summer window turned out OK, I am not happy with the way things went down. Signing players on the last day is too late. But complaining and judging after a week? Just don't get it.
  11. Norwegian Dude

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    And you base this on the fact that we only have confirmed 1 signing in the first week of the transfer window? If the club keeps up the rate of 1 signing pr week then we will have signed like 8 new players at the end of the window. And thats not counting the youth signings of course. People need to calm down. It's been one week, not one month. Why we haven't confirmed Bakayoko or Rüdiger you ask. Maybe because the deals aren't finalized yet? Just because media claim that they are doesn't mean that the media is correct. I mean, if anything this Lukaku-saga proves that the media more often than not is trying to make qualified guesses.
  12. Norwegian Dude

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Hey! Have you already forgotten about Big Willy?
  13. Norwegian Dude

    Random Rumours

    No we don't. Your whole post is pure speculation, although you present it as facts. The only player that most likely is 100% to leave is Costa, and even that isn't certain because atletico can't sign new players before january anyways. You can compare us to Real, Barcelona, Bayern all you want but that is unrealistic. Not a single team in the prem is able to match them, because they are so superior in their respective leagues. In the prem you don't even make top 4 if you have a season of underperformance. Also, there is no way the club is getting rid of all those players you mentioned in one window. This is real life, not FIFA. In real life you can't just change half the squad in one window and everything will work right away, getting relations and new players to settle in takes time. Since we are going to compete in multiple competitions and we aim to win them all we don't have that kind of time. And in the Prem there is so much money right now that if a player of, lets say James' calibre keep getting benched, club on the shelf right below us can afford him. As somebody else already has pointed out the fact that if we sign new players to the first XI, the one they replace probably will become the backup, ergo we improve both quality and depth with less signings. And the fact that you don't even know the rules of registration makes it hard to take you seriously.
  14. Norwegian Dude

    Alex Sandro

    Tomorrow is the 3rd day the window is open. It will be open in almost 2 more months, it is unreasonable to expect a big signing tomorrow and it is unreasonable to get mad or unhappy if it doesn't happen. People are way too impatient. Come 20th July and Caballero is still the only signing people can start to be impatient, but still there will be over a month left of the window. Just remember last year, then we made to important signings on the last day. I'm not saying we should wait that long, but we can't start getting mad after just 3 days. Remember many are still on holidays, so maybe they are just awaiting the final paperwork.
  15. Norwegian Dude

    1st July .. Nike deal and 5 new players ?

    I think it might be something to it. Nike is paying us pretty huge money, and if we present new signings before the deal starts their competitor Adidas is going to be shown in all the pics with new players in Chelsea-clothing. I am pretty sure Nike wants all the "free" publicity themselves instead of seeing Adidas getting it, especially since all CFC has to do is to wait a few weeks/days and then present the signings in Nike clothing instead of Adidas clothing. In my eyes i think it would be idiotic of Nike not to have this in the contract, since the only downside for CFC is that they will just have to wait to present the new players. For all we know they Chelsea might already have signed 5 new players.