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  1. Podcasts even?!

    Hope all is well, need to still join CIA

  2. beeeeeach....just found this place- pretty cool

    Yeah..i don't get out into cyberspace much...hahahaha


  3. Trust me. You'll fall in love with the whole damn cast by the time you're through with it. Cherish every second as it will all be over for you soon! You only get to watch it for the first time...once. Ellen lucked out.
  4. Food Inc. can suck it. I'll eat my In n Out and Jack in the Box everyday thank you very much. Arrested Development is so depressing. Depressing because it was so short lived. THEY NEED TO COME OUT WITH THAT MOVIE ALREADY.
  5. You know...there were some hilarious moments in that flick, but honestly it wasn't what everyone made it out to be. For me at least. I think sometimes it's just "cool" to see a certain movie and be able to recite lines at the water cooler for two weeks in a row. I got that feeling with this one.
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