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  1. Podcasts even?!

    Hope all is well, need to still join CIA

  2. beeeeeach....just found this place- pretty cool

    Yeah..i don't get out into cyberspace much...hahahaha


  3. Trust me. You'll fall in love with the whole damn cast by the time you're through with it. Cherish every second as it will all be over for you soon! You only get to watch it for the first time...once. Ellen lucked out.
  4. Food Inc. can suck it. I'll eat my In n Out and Jack in the Box everyday thank you very much. Arrested Development is so depressing. Depressing because it was so short lived. THEY NEED TO COME OUT WITH THAT MOVIE ALREADY.
  5. You know...there were some hilarious moments in that flick, but honestly it wasn't what everyone made it out to be. For me at least. I think sometimes it's just "cool" to see a certain movie and be able to recite lines at the water cooler for two weeks in a row. I got that feeling with this one.
  6. Son of a... By the way, I never did really say a proper goodbye to everyone. The group sitting at the table behind us were talking about Vegas, and one fairly pissed bloke said "You're Chelsea but you're still coming to Vegas with us!" as I guess he thought it funny to yell that at a complete stranger. I then told them in my most Orange County surfer brah American accent they could all meet me there in two weeks as I'm making the drive for a friends birthday.....dude. They handed me a Jagerbomb. Then they handed me another. Then we got more drinks. Then everyone decided to find another place to go to. At that point, it felt to me that only 5 or 10 minutes had passed since The Shed End got up to go inside. So as me and this group walk in, I expect to see all of you sitting inside.......whoops! Now I'm here with some real posh west londoners looking to go to a night club somewhere on Dawes rd., which we do. We get to the door and nobody wants to pay the £5 or £10 to get in. Superb. So we go to a different pub and drink some more, then we part ways. I have to lead myself back to Earls Court on Redcliffe Gardens. Mind you I'm pissed, at 2:30ishAM second day in London having to navigate. But I got there in due time, after deciding to just walk Earls Court for another half hour.
  7. Wicked photos. Loz, Liams brudda was taking the photos with my camera. Turns out either he was pressing the wrong button or something because only one came out. I didn't snap any of our round table either. Valerie promised she'd do a dance for everyone on the table so I was saving my camera space for that. Never bloody happened.
  8. The first of two videos. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the best quality in an upload, so it isn't the best but hey...you can hear liam's message so that's all that really matters. This was later on in the evening. We were langers. Valerie will make an appearance in the next video so calm down everyone. 800 Years...
  9. Here I am then, just a walk away from the Wood Green tube station at a friends house who has very generously let me use it until she and nearly all my London contacts return from our match in Porto. I am feeling a bit queasy due to being closer to sh*te Hart Lane then I should ever be...unless Chelsea are involved, but apart from that I am doing just fine. The recovery from the piss up is complete. And to think I only made the last half of it. This was my first trip to London and of course the first match I've seen the boys play at HQ, so I could go on and on about my arrival and my experiences but I will keep this Shed End related. I teksted Valerie a little after 8am to let her know that Lloyd's brekkers was sooo on, and that wicked Loz was on his way. 10am was the start time that I was fighting for and I made that clear to the both of them, not to mention my other mates who were in the area. Of course it would turn out that Beth and I show up 15 minutes late, torturing poor Val and loz who were there right on the nose and sitting proper cross legged on the carpet with hands crossed and books open waiting for class to start. I apologize to the both of you again. Great way to make a first impression! Though I blame it all on Beth. She knows more people at the Bridge than Quaresma does. Bad example. Maybe more like Glen Johnson. Anyways, she knows a sh*t load of people, and it was a walk-stop-walk-stop on the way to Lloyds. So we finally arrive and introduce ourselves and put a couple tables together to make it one big group. A couple of things to point out. Breakfast was huge and cheap. Loz hates baseball. Val tried to grab Loz' and my attention by intentionally spilling HP sauce on her top. Of course it worked. The two seasoned Shed Enders then set off to the Mitre for the pre match piss up. I couldn't make the pre match since it was my first match, and because of the friends I've made over the past USA tours, I had to try to be everywhere at once. Yes, there were a few people who wanted a piece of Celery at the same time, but what is usually so easy on the summer tours is difficult to make happen over here. Everyone has their pub or routine that they go through on match day. So I found myself going from The 8 Bells at Putney back to Morrisons just down from the So Bar, to the So Bar, to a pub who's name I forgot, finally to the Bridge. On the tours, everyone is all in one place! I prefer that! Like I said I could go on for days about my matchday experience. That feeling walking toward the Bridge and finally soaking everything in, is one that I will never forget. Fast forward...I was Shed Lower and the atmosphere was actually better than I expected. Rather, the steward presence was less of a problem than I had expected. Apart from the first 10 minutes of the second half, the middle and part of our west section stood for just about the whole time. I was so pleased with that, as it made the bouncy easier, helped me ask the shoeless away support if they were indeed T*tt*nh*m in disguise, and generally made the experience better. Goal, goal, goal and then another goal. Three of which were put away right in front of me. A+ on the day so far. Beautiful. Made my way out of the Bridge noticing the Arse lose on the tv, and belting out one last Carefree with everyone. Parted ways with Beth who was on her way back to Putney, and walked to the Mitre. Got confirmation from Val on the phone that they were all in the back and headed inside. I met the circle of blue hell and put faces to board names. I love doing that. Liam totally looks like a Liam. Plokoon fits, as did ethicalstrategy for some reason. I sometimes wonder if I look like a Blue Celery. People say I look like a douchebag, and sometimes Kevin Bacon, but I've never used either of those as board names. So we drank and talked and had fun. All this without having to log in! Few things to remember from the night: - Geezer is awesome. - Valerie isn't attracted to Cudicini at all, and if she is, it definitely has nothing to do with his looks or anything sexual. - Val thought my Celery pin symbolized something. Quite insulting as the pin is barely an inch long. - Loz is indeed as Geezer put it, a legend. - Liam made the biggest impression on me even though we didn't get to talk much. His thoughts on 600 hundred years of oppression sunk in so much that whenever we meet again, I will follow him and back him up in anything he does. Rob a bank? I'm there. Tie ethical's shoelaces together? Done. Steal plokoons West Wing DVD collection and sell it to G4 for whatever he wants to pay for them? Boom. - Liams brother is a good guy. - Even though I'm a complete shed end boot boy, I'll say that Bluebeard was there in spirit. - Mad_mac too - Taking pictures with my CIA flag was great and I thank everyone for that. I do have just the one photo with the flag on my camera and it isn't the best, so you's folks is gonna have t' come t'rue with the ones yous took. I have two short but sweet video clips of the night on my flip camera, but alas they are in my bags that I left at the Shed Hotel for when I return back to the Bridge on Thursday. So when I get back there I will log on and get those posted. It's been a wonderful trip so far and the piss up was brilliant. This means that I will have to consider when the next piss up kicks off before I plan my next trip over. I've still got the CPO lunch and Arsenal away on sunday but I'm already thinking about next year. Thanks so much to everyone! You're a damn wonderful group!
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